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Marxist/ Leftist Terrorist Operations

Target(s) Locale Date of Action Type Responsibility
Swiss International Development Agency Kailali District, Nepal December 15, 2004 Kidnapping Communist Party of Nepal
Hilton Hotel Ankara, Turkey June 24, 2004 Bombing MLKP-FESK
Cano Limon-Covenas Pipeline Arauquita, Colombia January 18, 2004 Series of Bombings FARC (Blamed)
Leader of Labor Party's members of the European Parliament, Gary Titley Manchester, England January 5, 2004 Letter Bombing Informal Anarchic Federation
Trans-Andean Pipeline Puerto Colon to San Miguel, Colombia January 2, 2004 11 Bombings FARC (Suspected)
Two Bars Attack Bogota, Colombia November 15, 2003 Grenade Attacks FARC (?)
Night Club Attack Bogota, Colombia February 7, 2003 Car Bombing FARC (?)
British Defense Attache Stephen Saunders Athens, Greece June 8, 2000 Diplomatic Assassination 17 November
Church attack Cali, Colombia May 30, 1999 Kidnapping ELN
U.S. Citizens Venezuela February 25, 1999 Kidnap/ Murder FARC
Ocensa Pipeline Antioquia Department, Colombia October 18, 1998 Bombing ELN
OAS members Colombia October 23, 1997 Kidnapping ELN
U.S. Mining Employee Colombia March 7, 1997 Kidnapping FARC
U.S. Oil Engineer Apure, Venezuela February 14, 1997 Kidnapping FARC
Japanese Ambassador's Residence Lima, Peru December 17, 1996 Siege/ Hostage Situation Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
U.S. Geologist Colombia December 11, 1996 Kidnap/ Murder FARC
U.S. Embassy Athens Athens, Greece February 15, 1996 Rocket attack 17 November (?)
Thomas Hargrove Colombia September 23, 1994 Kidnapping FARC
U.S. Missionaries Colombia January 31, 1993 Kidnapping FARC
U.S. Businessmen Manila, Philippines January 17-21, 1992 Kidnapping Red Scorpion Group/ FARC
U.S. Embassy Chancery Bonn, Germany February 13, 1991 Sniper Attack Red Army Faction
U.S. Soldiers Clark Air Force Base, Philippines May 13, 1990 Assassination The New People's Army (NPA)
U.S. Embassy in Peru Lima, Peru January 15, 1990 Bombing Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
Deutsche Bank Chairman Alfred Herrhausen Frankfurt, Germany November 30, 1989 Assassination The Red Army Faction
Colonel James Rowe Manila, Philippines April 21, 1989 Assassination New People's Army (NPA)
U.S. Defense Attache to Greece Athens, Greece June 28, 1988 Bombing 17 November
U.S. Servicemen Athens, Greece April 24, 1987 Bombing 17 November
Restaraunt Frequented by US Marines San Salvador, El Salvador June 19, 1985 Gun Attack FMLN
U.S. Navy Officer El Salvador May 25, 1983 Assassination FMLN
U.S. Citizen Colombia April 8, 1983 Kidnapping FARC
Ramstein Air Force Base Ramstein, West Germany August 31, 1981 Bombing The Red Army
U.S. State Department Washington, D.C. January 29, 1975 Bombing The Weather Underground
U.S. Consul General Terrence Leonhardy Guadalajara, Mexico May 4, 1973 Kidnapping People's Revolutionary Armed Forces
U.S. AID Adviser Dan Mitrione Montevideo, Uruguay July 31, 1970 Kidnapping/ Murder Tupamaros terrorist group
U.S. Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick Brazil September 3, 1969 Kidnapping MR-8

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