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Territorial Defense Battalions (BTrO / BTD)

Ukrainian authorities began to search for ways to create volunteer units within the Ukrainian Armed Forces because many of the protesters and volunteers did not want to became part of the police National Guard. Andriy Parubiy and the military found a mechanism to bring volunteer battalions into the army. They were called Battalions of Territorial Defense (BTD). By law, every oblast in Ukraine can create such battalions.

The first such battalion was called the 24th Battalion and was created in Luhansk Oblast (situated in Donbas and partly occupied by pro-Russian separatists) by former Maidan Self-Defense member Sergiy Melnychuk. The 24th Battalion was able to stop the northward spread of small groups of terrorists in Luhansk Oblast. Soon, BTDs emerged almost in every oblast, especially in Luhansk and Donetsk. In a few oblasts, similar police battalions were founded instead of army BTDs.

Territorial defense battalions (BTrO) in Ukraine were established in May 2014 in the regions of Ukraine in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on December 6, 1991 # 1932-XII On Defense of Ukraine", the Law of Ukraine on March 17, 2014 # 1126-VII, "On Approval of the Decree of the President of Ukraine "On partial mobilization" "and by the Decree of the President of Ukraine on September 2, 2013 # 471/2013 On approval of the territorial defense of Ukraine ".

On 30 April 2014 Acting Chief of Staff Sergei Pashinsky at a press briefing announced: "Today we have physically created 7 battalions of territorial defense on the left bank, and now all governors were instructed to create in each area such battalions ... Battalions mobilized to prevent provocations from the Russian Federation, breakouts large groups of separatists from the East to Central Ukraine ... under the laws of Ukraine they are armed military units eligible to use weapons."

Territorial defense battalions are part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and are governed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Territorial defense battalions are subordinate to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, as well as heads of regional state administrations in the territory of which they were formed. Arrangements for recruitment and to provide battalions logistical means, weapons and equipment conducting regional military commission Enlistment at the expense of regional budgets and benefactors.

Territorial defense forces are an important part of a standing national defense of a single state. It is built from the bottom so that the people in every village, town or regional center is always ready to vary from situation in the state to defend the country. In every village it may be permanent platoon of reservists, the regional center of the mouth or battalion, brigade in the regional center and thus the whole country would be covered units and parts, connections of people who for ideological reasons, first of all, are constantly in this system to ensure national defense. This is the main idea of this system in Switzerland, as well Israel took the Swiss system where the entire male population fighting for their land.

In peacetime army of territorial defense can be used to rescue people in conditions of natural or man-made disaster, as well - to help law enforcement agencies in case of riots or terrorist acts, as, for example, provides for the creation of the concept of territorial defense forces in Poland. According to military experts territorial defense system opens the way for strengthening the defense non-aligned states like Ukraine.

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