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Ain es Saheb
Palestine Islamic Jihad
Terrorist Training Camp

On 5 October, 2003 two Israeli Air Force F-16s struck a terrorist target in Syria. The airstrike was the first time in 30 years that Israel warplanes have struck targets on Syrian terroritory. The camp run by Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is located 14 kilometers north of Damascus in a ravine known as Ain es Saheb. NIMA GEOName Server has two entities with that name

Satellite Imagery of the Ain es Saheb
Click on the small image to view a larger version

CIA Map of Syria. Area of interest is highlighted in red.

NIMA 1:500,000 map of the Damascus area. White box indicates the location of the air strike.

DigitalGlobe imagery of the town of Durayj, about 14 kilometers north of Damascus.

Ein es Saheb is the place name associated with the Islamic Jihad training camp. The camp reportedly encompasses several buildings in a mountainous ravine.

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