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Project 1941 SSV-33

The SSV-33 was the sole Project 1941 "Titan" class command ship. The atomic reconnaissance ship "Ural" had no analogs in the Navies from other countries. The body and the nuclear power plant are similar to those nuclear missile cruiser Project 1144 Orlan. The lack of heavy weapons and advanced add-on allowed placing on the ship a lot of systems of electronic reconnaissance, communications, surveillance, making what is called a reconnaissance ship into a universal function unit.

The ship can conduct electronic intelligence (some problems may be solved almost without departing from the pier), to track the trajectory of ballistic missiles, to monitor and manage the satellite, transponder work with the support of manned space flight, as well as to serve as a command ship of the fleet.

This 36,000 ton nuclear-powered command ship, built on the hull of a Kirov class cruiser, served the combined roles of fleet flagship, space tracking ship, missile tracking ship, electronic intelligence ship, and communications relay ship. Designated a Sudno Suyazyy ["communications vessel"], the NATO designator 'KAPUSTA' means 'cabbage', in reference to the large dome on the forward superstructure. For various technical reasons, the ship was decommissioned a year after the completion of construction. The vessel was laid up in 1989 in the Pacific fleet because of high operating costs. Disposal work was started in 2008.

The ship was laid June 25, 1981 at the Baltic Shipyard in Leningrad, launched in May 1983, came into operation in 1988-89. To solve the problems of electronic surveillance and treatment of information obtained on a near-real time scale on the ship was mounted, unique for its time, the computational complex consisting of several computers of the EU-1046 and "Elbrus".

The ship can carry electronic intelligence (and some tasks can be almost without departing from the pier) to track the trajectory of ballistic missiles, monitor and control the satellite, transponder to work with the support of manned space flight, as well as to serve as a command ship of the fleet.

The ship also has some weapons, consisting of: 2 x 76 mm AK-176, 4 x 30 mm AK-630, 4-quad launchers of MANPADS "Igla" (16 missiles 9M-313), 4 - x 12-mm coaxial machine gun "cliff-M." On board the ship permanently based helicopter Ka-32. Ship radar equipment includes 3 MR-212/201 "Vychegda-U", the radar detection of air targets MR-750 "Fregat-MA", 2 fire control radar MR-123 "Vympel", several special-purpose radar to track missile launches, track the satellites and so on. Ship sonar system includes underkeel CEO CIM-335m "Argun" and submerged GAS "Amulet".

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