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KS-30 130-mm Towed AA Gun

The Soviet 130mm antiaircraft gun KS-30 appeared in the early 1950s. Closely resembling the United States wartime 120mm antiaircraft gun, the KS-30 was used for the home defense forces of the USSR and some other Warsaw Pact countries. It is held in war reserve since it has been replaced by surface-to-air guided missiles. Recognition features are the heavy dual-tire carriage, a firing platform which folds up to a 45 deqree anqte when the piece is in travel, and the long clean tube without muzzle brake. The breechblock is of the semiautomatic horizontal slidinq wedqe type, and the piece is fitted with a power rammer and an automatic fuze setter. Fire control is provided by the PUAZO-30 director and the SON-30 radar. The ammunition is of the fixed-charge, separated type. It is not interchangeable with that of the 130mm field or coastal guns.

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