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Airborne Assault Troops [VDV] - Order of Battle

11th Air Assault Brigade, Sosnov'y Bor [INACTIVE]

21st Airborne Brigade Stavropol [INACTIVE]

31st det (air assault) cdo bde Ulyanovsk

  • 45th det SpN rgt Kubinka, Moscow
  • 38th det comms rgt MedvezhI Ozera (Moscow)
  • 1182nd arty rgt Naro-Fominsk

38th Separate Communications Regiment

45th Airborne Troops Spetznaz Regiment

  • 218th assault Battalion
  • 901st assault battalion

56th Guards Airborne Brigade Volgodonsk [INACTIVE]

83rd Separate Airborne Brigade, Ussuriysk

100th Airborne Brigade [INACTIVE]

7th Airborne Division (Mountain) Novorossyysk

  • 108th cdo airborne rgt Novorossyysk
  • 247th cdo rgt Stavropol
  • 1141st arty rgt Anapa
  • 3rd AD rgt Novorossyysk

36th Guards Airborne Division, N. Caucasus [INACTIVE]

76th Airborne Division, Pskov

  • 104th cdo rgt Pskov
  • 234th airborne rgt Pskov
  • 1140th arty rgt Pskov
  • 4th AD rgt Pskov

98th Airborne Division, Ivanovo

  • 217th airborne rgt Ivanovo
  • 331st airborne rgt Kostroma
  • 1065th arty rgt Kostroma
  • 5th AD rgt Ivanovo

103rd Airborne Division, [INACTIVE since 1993]

104th Guards Airborne Division, Ulyanovsk [INACTIVE]

  • 328th Guards Parachute Regiment
  • 337th Guards Parachute Order of Alexander Nevsky Regiment
  • 345th Guards Parachute Assault Viennese Red Banner Order of the Suvorov Regiment named after the 70th anniversary of the Lenin Komsomol

106th Airborne Division, Tula

  • 51st airbone rgt Tula
  • 137th airborne rgt Ryazan
  • 1st det AD rgt Naro-Fominsk


  • Air Assault Brigade: (1 recon BMD, 1 recon BRDM-2, 1 SO-120 SP Mortar); 2 Air Assault Battalions; 2 Light Parachute Battalions; Airborne Light AT Battery
  • Airborne Regiment: (1 SO-120 SP Mortar); 3 Airborne Battalions; Airborne AT Battery;



  • Airborne Artillery Battery1: 1 SD-44 Auxiliary Propelled Gun
  • Airborne Artillery Regiment: 1 Howitzer Battalion, 1 Composite Artillery Battalion
  • Airborne Howitzer Battalion: 3 Batteries, each 1 122mm HOW w/truck
  • Airborne Composite Artillery Battalion: 2 Howitzer Batteries (each 1 122mm HOW w/truck), 1 MRL Battery (1 PRU-14 towed MRL w/truck)
  • Airborne AA Battery2: 2 SA-14 stands, 1 towed ZU-23 AAA w/truck or 1 ZSU-23-4
  • Attack Helicopter Company: 2 Mi-24 HIND D or E Gunships
  • Transport Helicopter Company: 2 Mi-8 or Mi-17 HIP Assault Transport Helos



  • Air Assault / Airborne Battalion: 6 BMD, 6 Infantry
  • Light Parachute Battalion: 4 Infantry, 1 AT-4 Stand
  • Airborne Light AT Battery3: 2 AT-4 Stands
  • Airborne AT Battery; 2 BRDM-2 w/AT-5
  • Assault Gun Battalion4: 6 ASU-85
  • Airborne Divisional Recon Company: 2 recon BRDM-2

1 There is one Airborne Artillery Battery in an Air Assault Brigade. This is the only organic artillery unit apart from the 120mm SP Mortar.

2 There is one Airborne AA Battery per Air Assault Brigade, one per Airborne Rgt, and 3 in the Airborne Div AA Btn. Towed ZU-23 AAA may be upgraded to ZSU-23-4 in 1990s.

3 Mounted in BMDs if attached to an Air Assault Brigade, foot mobile if part of a para deployed force

4 Airborne Division asset: 1 Battalion per division.


56th landing assault Regiment 119th Airborne Regiment

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