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31st Guards Separate Air Assault Order of Kutuzov Brigade

The 31st Airborne Brigade of the Russian Airborne Troops of the armed forces is based in Ulyanovsk. Since 2005, the Brigade transferred to the contract system acquisition. In the course of measures to reform the AIRBORNE TROOPS with the full name of the Brigade is December 1, 2006: 31 separate guards airborne order of Kutuzov 2nd degree Brigade.

Ulyanovsk is a city and the administrative center of Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Volga River 893 kilometers (555 mi) east from Moscow. Population: 613,786 (2010 Census); 635,947 (2002 Census); 625,155 (1989 Census). The city, originally founded as Simbirsk, is the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin (originally named Ulyanov), for whom it was renamed in 1924. Ulyanovsk is a major industrial city. The UAZ automobile manufacturing plant, Aviastar-SP Aircraft Company, and UMZ are based in the city along with a variety of light industry and food-processing enterprises. An ammunition depot on the outskirts of the city was the scene of a large fatal fire on November 13, 2009.

There was combined training of Kazakh Air Mobile Troops and Russian Paratroopers from the 31st Air Assault Brigade in July 2008. The Russians were wearing GREEN Flora and KLMK uniforms in the Kazakh Steppe/Desert environment.

Following the regime change in Kyrgyzstan in April 2010, displacing President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, neighboring states and international security organizations were anxious about the country’s possible descent into chaos.5 While the political crisis in Kyrgyzstan was long in the making and its regime change caused concern among numerous actors, the eruption of ethnic-related violence in southern Kyrgyzstan on June 11, 2010, not only threatened the fragile state but also risked destabilizing Central Asia. On 14 June 2010 soldiers of the 31st airborne brigade of the Russian Defense Ministry were moved to the Russian military base at Kant in Kyrgyzstan, where for several days massive civil unrest had continued unabated.

Exercises of the 31st airborne brigade were held near Ulyanovsk in April 2012. This was the first time that a training battle was commanded by the Andromeda Control System.

The “Winged Guard” from Ulyanovsk already has participated in a peacekeeping operation. This was in the Balkans when, based on a UN Security Council resolution and Russian Government decree, Russia’s 554th Separate Battalion numbering 900 persons and activated on the basis of VDV units was sent to the former Yugoslavia in the spring of 1992. Officers and men from Budennovsk operated as peacekeepers in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo-Metohija from 1994 on.

In addition to scheduled combat training, as of 01 June 2013 subunits of the Order of Kutuzov Guards 31st Separate Air Assault Brigade commanded by Hero of the Russian Federation [RF] Guards Colonel Gennadiy Anashkin began training activities under a program for training peacekeeping force elements…By decision of the Armed Forces leadership, this VDV [Airborne] formation, which has the highest manning of contract personnel, must be in readiness to participate in peacekeeping operations under UN or Collective Security Treaty Organization [CSTO] aegis.

The VDV commander announced that the Ulyanovsk formation would be reinforced by introducing a regular reconnaissance battalion and electronic warfare company to its makeup in place of the reconnaissance company. He assigned the mission of fully manning the brigade with contract personnel by fall… Brigade Commander Guards Col Anashkin stated: “By decision of the Supreme Commander we now can be sent to any point in the world at any moment to perform a peacekeeping mission…”

Special curricula and plans for training personnel in peacekeeping matters had been drawn up for brigade subunits. They were coordinated with the General Staff and approved by the Armed Forces Main Combat Training Directorate, and were designed to train personnel in the course of 1.5 months and five months. Training sessions under the peacekeeping subunit training program now will be held for servicemen of 31st Guards Separate Air Assault Brigade under supervision of the VDV deputy commander for peacekeeping forces and for the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force (KSOR).

Work was done to create and upgrade the necessary training facility for peacekeeping matters. A training complex for rehearsing peacekeeping missions is being prepared at the brigade’s Polivno Range. For quality preparation to participate in peacekeeping operations, VDV Commander Col-Gen Shamanov assigned the mission to make use not only of domestic, but also foreign experience of UN “Blue Helmet” training.

Soldiers live in a Kubrick-type dormitory for 384 places, the rooms of which are designed for 4 people. The building has a gym, a cozy leisure room, classrooms and showers. In addition to them - a room for cleaning weapons and a dining room. The cooking is currently done by civilians. Some fighters prefer to rent an apartment in the garrison, and receive additional payments for renting housing depending on the number of family members. On the territory of military unit 73612 there is an airborne complex, where paratroopers train to jump from military aircraft on special simulators or a parachute tower. The complex has a training center - it conducts training sessions and conducts advanced training courses in various military specialties. Combat training for paratroopers is held at a training ground equipped with a shooting range, a firing station, an autodrome and tactical fields. The training of paratroopers in military unit 73612 includes 10 parachute jumps from aircraft throughout the year. If desired, military personnel can undergo training for 3-6 months at the training center in various military specialties. Since 2013, a five-day work week has been regulated for contract employees of the unit. As for the placement of military children in schools and kindergartens, eyewitnesses note the quick resolution of these issues with the leadership of educational institutions in Ulyanovsk. Family members of employees of military unit 73612 are employed through the Ulyanovsk Employment Committee of the Department of Employment. In 2005, military unit 73612 was completely transferred to contract manning. Monetary subsidies are paid to contract employees of military unit 73612 twice a month (salary and advance payment). Military unit 73612 is considered one of the best among the airborne troops of the Russian Federation. The location of the division is Ulyanovsk, a city with a fairly developed infrastructure. There are shops and hospitals, parks, libraries, as well as the House of Officers.


On December 8, 1944 State Defense Committee adopted a decision to reorganize the 11-th guards Airborne Division at 104-th guards rifle Division. The formation of the Division was in the Slutsk Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The 104-I guards rifle Division was equipped with military equipment and weapons in the light of the experience of fighting. It was intended to participate in the drawing of a new powerful impacts on n otivniku and received extraordinary fire power.

In March 1945, the Division departed for the front in the District of Budapest. In heavy fighting with 16 on 22 March, the Division handled the task, inflicted heavy losses in manpower and technology. March 25, 1945 in fierce battle the guards Division in collaboration with other compounds 9-th army fully mastered the enemy.

At the conclusion of the Vienna operation, part of the Division stormed St. Pölten, so he closed the surroundings of Vienna. After the fall of Vienna of 104 of the 6th guards rifle Division was withdrawn to reserve 9-th army. By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of April 26, 1945 the Division was awarded the order of Kutuzov 2nd degree. The same Decree 346 6th guards rifle regiment of the Division was awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky.

From 4 March to May 12, 1945 parts Division was passed with battles 1036 km, they released 344 localities, including 7 towns. Division killed enemy soldiers and officers 7400, 1897, taken prisoner disarmed 75 thousand. people, destroyed 35 tanks, 62, 34 ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIERS, 80 artillery shells, mortar rounds, 35 shot down 20 and destroyed 42 aircraft on the ground. May 12, 1945 part of connection met near the Vltava River with the American troops.

In April 1946, 104-guards motor rifle order of Kutuzov 2nd degree Division was reorganized into the 104th airborne guards order of Kutuzov 2nd degree Division, relocated to Estonian SSR (kingisepp) and became a member of the 15-th guards Airborne Corps.

In 1960, the Division was relocated in the Transcaucasian military district in the city of Kirovabad, Shamkhor, Baku and Tbilisi. April 7, 1964 by order of the Minister of defence of the USSR and hero of the Soviet Union guards Pvt. Galušin Procopius Ivanovic was last enrolled in the lists of the 328-guards paratroop Regiment.

In 1967, the Division, in honor of the 50-anniversary of the great October socialist revolution, on behalf of the CPSU CENTRAL COMMITTEE, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and the Council of Ministers of the USSR for successes in combat and political training delivered in perpetuity a memorable red banner.

On July 27, 1968 as part of a group of parachutists, Messrs. to the Pamirs in honour of 50 let vlksm, and warriors 104 6th guards airborne di Izziyah Guard Member Asaenok, Zizûlin and Kul'pinov. They showed great skill and courage, and were enrolled in a book of glorious days of the Transcaucasian military district. In 1972, 337 guards Airborne Regiment Division, and in 1973, 328 guards Airborne Regiment were awarded the pennants of the Minister of Defense of the USSR "for courage and military prowess.

From 27 August to September 1, 1974 at the Division Commander of the AIRBORNE TROOPS, General of the Army V.f. Margelov held charges of AIRBORNE FORCES with experienced tactical exercises, which desantirovano 108 objects of heavy equipment and a pilot in the armed forces for the first time dropping 122-mm howitzer d-30 with two members of the crew in the cockpit. The first AIRBORNE FORCES together with the technique of the Divisional artillery regiment of paratroopers desantirovalis' Guard Sgt Koltsov s. m. and guard lance corporal Kozmin.

In 1974, the Division was awarded the pennant of the Minister of Defense of the USSR "for courage and military prowess. Most of the officers and warrant officers Division participated in combat operations in Afghanistan. In 1989, the connection was awarded the pennant of the Minister of Defense of the USSR "for courage and military prowess. In 1993, the Division was relocated in Ulyanovsk.

The Division participated in the guidance of the constitutional order in the Chechen Republic in 1994-1996. and showed samples of courage, Valor and sacrifice. In the battles on the Moment in Grozny Guard Member Djordjadze NK, saving the life of a wounded Company Commander Captain Incertova d.i., guard was mortally wounded and died. For courage and heroism of the ordinary guard Djordjadze. awarded the title of hero of Russia (posthumously).

For courage and bravery shown during the performance of their duties, hundreds of members of the Union are awarded by awards and medals, and guards Senior Lieutenant Bocharov A.i., guards Senior Lieutenant Eremeckij O.a. (posthumous), guard Sergeant Kulakov R.i. (posthumous), guards Senior Lieutenant Lobunets o.i., guard Gen. Vladimir Makarov, Guard Captain Spiridonov RV, Guard Captain Chirikov A.a. awarded the title Hero of Russia.

On May 1, 1998 by 104-guards order of Kutuzov 2nd degree Division reformed in 31-military ejskuû separate airborne order of Kutuzov 2nd degree Brigade with Combat banner, the order of the historic form of management 104 6th guards Airborne Division.

From 1999 to 2001, the Unit participated in the anti-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus. Courage, courage and persistence are the main features of the guards Brigade, they had shown during the fighting. For your heroism, hundreds of military personnel were awarded State prizes and guards Senior Lieutenant Galkin G.n. and guards Senior Lieutenant Igoshin Rv posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia.

Gostomel is located in the suburbs of Kyiv. The Antonov airport for cargo planes is located on the territory of the urban-type settlement. On 24 February 2022, Russian troops occupied the airport. The Ukrainian media disseminated information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured the airport. Having taken control of the Antonov airfield, Moscow deployed powerful airborne forces, according to European media, in order to occupy the Ukrainian capital.

An Il-76 transport aircraft managed to land for the first time on the Antonov in Kyiv, which was taken under control, but the air defense threat along a 50 km perimeter was neutralized. The 31st Airborne Regiment arrived on 18 planes that had landed; the special forces of the Ukrainian regime were fighting for it, whose task is to recapture the airport. Russian forces were airlifted and, having occupied the airfield, secured the area.

At the headquarters for the integrated development of the region, the head of the Ulyanovsk region, Aleksey Russkikh, said that the 31st separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade of the Order of Kutuzov was participating in a special operation in Ukraine. “Unfortunately, there are losses. Two people died,” the governor of the Russians said. The meeting participants honored the memory of the dead with a minute of silence.

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