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Project 1159
Koni class

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched SoldStricken
Koni I
1201Smelyy [ex-Del'fin]SY 340N/AApr 1973 19751990trainer demonstrator
1990 to Bulgaria
2202Rostock [ex-Nerpa]SY 340N/A02 Oct 1974 1978N/AN/A3 to East Germany
3203Berlin [ex-Kreshet]SY 340N/A07 May 19751979N/AN/A3 to East Germany
4204Split [ex-Sokol]SY 340N/A1980N/AN/A2 Yugoslavia
5205Korag [ex SKR-481]SY 340N/A19821982N/A2 Yugoslavia
6206Halle [ex SKR-149]SY 340N/A1985N/AN/A3 to East Germany
Koni II
1SY 340N/A1980N/AN/A3 to Algeria
2SY 340N/A1981N/AN/A3 to Cuba
3SY 340N/A1982N/AN/A3 to Algeria
4SY 340N/A1984N/AN/A3 to Cuba
5SY 340N/A1985N/AN/A3 to Algeria
6SY 340N/A1986N/AN/A2 to Libya
7SY 340N/A1987N/AN/A2 to Libya
8SY 340N/A1988N/AN/A3 to Cuba

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