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2nd Infantry Regiment

The 2nd Infantry Regiment was originally activated as the 2nd Regiment on February 28, 1946 at Taejon and was first commanded by Lt. Col. Lee Hyong Kun. The unit was initially assigned to the 1st Brigade in December 1947 and was later reassigned to the 6th Division when it was activated in May 1949.

On August 4, 1949 the 2nd Regiment and 18th Regiment defended against a North Korean attack in the Kuksa-bong and Hill Ch'ungmu area. The units were able to repulse the initial attacks and the North Korean invasion was considered a disaster.

On October 14, 1949 North Korean forces attacked 2nd Regiment positions near Eunp'asan. The 2nd Regiment was overwhelmed by the NKPA and was forced to pull back, subsequent efforts to counterattack and recapture the position failed.

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