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Mujahidin KOMPAK [Mujahedeen KOMPAK]

Mujahidin KOMPAK [Mujahedeen KOMPAK] was formed in Indonesia's Sulawesi province. KOMPAK's leaders were sometimes drawn from Jemaah Islamiyah [JI], but it is institutionally distinct. KOMPAK is an acronym which translates as Action Committee for Crisis Response. Kompak is involved in the Muslim/ Christian conflicts in the Moluccas. The group exists in the Central Sulawesi province, and is concentrated in the Poso region. KOMPAK is responsible for attacks against Christians. Members have trained in international militant camps in Mindanao and Afghanistan. In contrast to JI, Mujahidin KOMPAK was focused on getting recruits into battle as quickly as possible.

On November 9, 2001 two members of Mujahidin KOMPAK, a 17-year-old and a 20-year-old, tossed a series of bombs and nails through the Petra Church in North Jakarta during an evening prayer service. The bombs destroyed several of the church windows. There are no reported casualties among the 400 in attendance. The attack aimed to kill minister Diana Akyuwen, who led her people to safety across a high mountain after their village of Waal was destroyed by jihad warriors. KOMPAK was involved in an outbreak of violence in Poso and Morowali districts in October 2003 in which thirteen people were killed, most of them Christian villagers. Most of the attackers proved to be locally recruited men from the Mujahidin KOMPAK militia group, and most had family members killed in a wave of attacks on Muslims in May-June 2000 and were likely motivated by revenge.

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