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Islamic Task Organization (ITO)
Munazzamat al-'Amal al-Islami
Islamic Action Organization

Led by Ridha Jawad Taqi and funded by Iran and Syria, the Islamic Task Organization wants to establish an Islamic government in Iraq.

The Islamic Task Organization, formed in the city of Karbala in 1961, is largely aligned with the Islamic Dawa Party. Like Islamic Dawa Party, it supported military action as a way of bringing Islamic rule to Iraq. The Islamic Action Organization is based in Iran, and is close to SCIRI.

The organization was founded by Muhsin al-Husayni and his two nephews. Muhsin al-Husayni was assassinated in Beirut, Lebanon in 1980. The group's most famous action was an attempt in 1980 to assassinate Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz. The Islamic Task Organization continued independent actions, like an attack on a Baghdad nightclub and hotel in 1989. Although it managed to find recruits in Arab Gulf States, but the group's base remained in Karbala. The Islamic Task Organization coordinates closely with Iran and Syria, and had an active role in the 1991 uprising.

Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Taqi Almodarresi [al-Mudarissi] is one of the most prominent and a senior Muslim cleric. Almodarresi was known for his opposition role against the 36 year reign of the Saddam regime in Iraq. He has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world especially in his native Iraq.

US military personnel in Iraq briefly detained Islamic Action Organization spiritual leader Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi al-Mudarissi and Secretary-General Ibrahim al-Mutairi on 22 April 2003. Al-Mudarissi, who had lived in Iran for 32 years, and his companions were in a four-vehicle convoy that was heading for Karbala. Grand Ayatollah Almodarresi was detained while on his way to his native city of Karbala by a checkpoint in an area under the control of coalition forces. Grand Ayatollah Almodarresi was taken to an undisclosed location along with his companions who included a number of prominent Iraqi scholars such as Ayatollah Sayed Ezzideen Mohammadi Alshirazi who is the grandson of the supreme Shia religious leader the late Ayatollah Sayed Mirza Hasan Alshirazi, as well as Sayed Allamah Ibrahim Shobbar, Sayed Radhawi, Dr. Ibrahim Moteri who is the secretary general of the Islamic Action Organization In Iraq, Mr. Mohammad Alsadeq, Ayatollah Hussein al-Rabadi, and Ibrahim Shubbar along with a group of other men totaling 60 people.

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