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Gaza International Airport

The construction of Gaza International Airport started in January 1996 when President Yasser Arafat laid the foundation-stone of this national lofty edifice. The Gaza International Airport is located in Rafah Governorate at the Palestinian- Egypt borders. It composes one runway for landing and taking off. It is 3080 m long and 60m wide with capacity to receive Jumbo- Jet and Boeing 747. The total area of the airport is 2350 Dunums. It contains a main halls for passengers with (4000 sq m) area enough to accommodate 750 thousand passengers per year with the possibility to be expand. It also contains buildings for civil aviation administration, ceremonies, cargo, another one for the clinic and the fire brigade, fuel station, maintenance building and watch-tower. The latter is (28 m) high. It is equipped with the latest aviation equipment to control and guide plane movements on land and in the air and during taking off and landing. From the architectural perspective, the airport's buildings illustrate an architectural tableau representing one of the geometrical curios which has been recently constructed in Palestine. These buildings were designed as the Arab Islamic architectural pattern inspired by the ornamental old buildings of Jerusalem with its famous and precisely worked out arches. The project executing party is the European-Gaza Development Group (EGDG2000). This group is a joint- project comprising the following companies: International Balasat Nidam B.V Amsterdam - Holland and Spy Batignoliss For Shipment - Bontouis - France.

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