II Corps

II Corps, headquartered in Multan since it was set up in mid 1971, is also designated Army Reserve South. XXXI Corps was formed in 1986-87 from elements previously assigned to II Corps, which became a Reserve/Strike Corps, with the II Corps area of the front with India being transferred to the new XXXI Corps.

Most sources agree that II Corps consists of three divisions, and most agree that this includes one armored and two infantry divisions. One of the [infantry] divisions was formed recently.

At least one source, while affirming the 1 Armored and 14 Mech Divisions, also reports "2 Artillery Divisions". Most sources report that Pakistan's Army does not include Divisions of Artillery, though this reference is clearly attesting the presence of the "2nd Artillery" rather than two divisions. According to one source, as of early 2001 it was believed that one artillery division had been raised recently, though this had yet to be confirmed. Another source reports only the 1 Armored and 14 Infantry Divisions, while reporting that 40 Infantry Division was assigned to V Corps as of early 2001. A newly formed 2nd Artillery may account for the recently formed division reported by some sources.

Some sources suggest that the Corps is supported by one tank brigade or by one Mechanised Infantry light Anti Tank Brigade, while other sources suggest as many as four supporting independent Brigades.

On 31 August 2000 Gen. Pervez Musharraf transfered Lt. Gen.Mohammad Yusaf (a Punjabi), GOC, 2 Corps, Multan, to the GHQ as the new CGS.

     City Latitude Longitude
II Corps Multan 3011'N 7128'E
U/I BDE U/I Location ____'N ____'E
U/I Armored BDE U/I Location ____'N ____'E
U/I Artillery BDE U/I Location ____'N ____'E
U/I Anti-tank BDE U/I Location ____'N ____'E
1st Armored Division Multan 3011'N 7128'E
? 2nd Artillery Division U/I Location ____'N ____'E
14th Infantry Division U/I Location ____'N ____'E
40th Infantry Division Okara 3048'N 7326'E

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