Pakistan Army Order of Battle - Corps

The Pakistan Army consists a total of 22 divsions of 12,000 troops -- 20 Infantry & 2 Armored Divisions -- commanded by Major Generals, grouped under 9 different Corps headquarters, each commanded by 3-star Lieutenant Generals. There is also the Northern Area Command, headquartered at Gilgit, directly responsible to army general headquarters.

Corps Headquarters Province
I Corps Mangla
II Corps Multan
IV Corps Lahore
V Corps Karachi Sindh
X Corps Rawalpindi
XI Corps Peshawar NWFP
XII Corps Quetta Balochistan
XXX Corps Gujranwala
XXXI Corps Bahawalpur
Northern Area Command Gilgit Federally Administered Northern Areas
Aviation Corps Rawalpindi
Air Defense Command Rawalpindi
Strategic Forces Command Rawalpindi


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