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IJN Kamikawa Maru Seaplane Tender

The Kamikawa Maru was one of nine merchant ships converted into seaplane carriers between 1937 and 1942. Each tender was equipped with two catapults on their aft well deck and carried eight aircraft. The ships were equipped on their bow and stern with single 6in guns and AA guns, 2 13.2mm, by their bridges. The ships were Kagu Maru, Kamikawa Maru, Sanuki Maru, Sagara Maru, Kimikawa Maru, Kinugasa Maru, Kiyokawa Maru, Kunikawa Maru and the Sanyo Maru. Of the nine, all but one were eventually converted back into transports in the first two years of the Pacific War. The Kamikawa Maru was sunk before she was converted on 22 July 1943.

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