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Japanese Fleet

The MSDF is commanded by the chief of the maritime staff and includes the maritime staff office, the self-defense fleet, five regional district commands, the air-training squadron, and various support units, such as hospitals and schools. The maritime staff office, located in Tokyo, serves the chief of staff in command and supervision of the force. The self-defense fleet, headquartered at Yokosuka, is charged with defense of all waters around the Japanese Archipelago. It commands four escort flotillas (two based in Yokosuka and one each in Sasebo and Maizuru), the fleet air force headquartered at Atsugi, two submarine flotillas based at Kure and Yokosuka, two mine-sweeping flotillas based at Kure and Yokosuka, and the fleet training command at Yokosuka.

Five district units act in concert with the fleet to guard the waters of their jurisdictions and provide shore-based support. District headquarters are located in Ominato, Maizuru, Yokosuka, Kure, and Sasebo.

The National Defense Program Outline which determines Japan's defense capabilities, was reviewed and newly established in December 1995. Through a review of the balance between rear and forward units, the MSDF determined the following organizational changes are necessary in order to maximize force effectiveness while optimizing limited resources. First, the number of destroyer units of Regional Districts will be adjusted from ten to seven. Second, two Minesweeper Flotillas will be consolidated into one flotilla and last, the number of land-based patrol aircraft units will be adjusted from 16 to 13.

Self-Defense Fleet

Fleet Escort Force
Flag Ship   DDG168 Tachikaze Yokosuka
Escort Flottila 1 Flag Ship DDH143 Shirane Yokosuka
Escort Division 1 DD101 Murasame
DD102 Harusame
DD107 Ikazuchi
Escort Division 5 DD110 Takanami
DD111 Onami
Escort Division 61 DDG171 Hatakaze
DDG174 Kirishima
Escort Flottila 2 Flag Ship DDH144 Kurama Sasebo
Escort Division 2 DD103 Yudachi
DD112 Makinami
DD157 Sawagiri
Escort Division 6 DD104 Kirisame
DD109 Ariake
Escort Division 62 DDG170 Sawakaze
DDG173 Kongo
Escort Flottila 3 Flag Ship DDH141 Haruna Maizuru
Escort Division 3 DD126 Hamayuki
DD154 Amagiri
Escort Division 7 DD153 Yugiri Ominato
DD155 Hamagiri
DD156 Setogiri
Escort Division 63 DDG172 Shimakaze Maizuru
DDG175 Myoko
Escort Flottila 4 Flag Ship DDH142 Hiei Kure
Escort Division 4 DD105 Inazuma
DD106 Samidare
DD108 Akebono
Escort Division 8 DD113 Sazanami
DD158 Umigiri
Escort Division 64 DDG169 Asakaze Sasebo
DDG176 Chokai
Other Units   ATS4202 Kurobe Kure
ATS4203 Tenryu
AOE422 Towada
AOE423 Tokiwa Yokosuka
AOE424 Hamana Sasebo
AOE426 Omi
AOE425 Mashu Maizuru
Fleet Air Force
Fleet Air Wing 1 Fleet Squadron 1 P-3C Kanoya
Fleet Squadron 7 P-3C
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 1 __
Air Station Kanoya UH-60J
Fleet Air Wing 2 Fleet Squadron 2 P-3C Hachinohe
Fleet Squadron 4 P-3C
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 2 __
Air Station Hachinohe UH-60J
Fleet Air Wing 4 Fleet Squadron 3 P-3C Atsugi
Fleet Squadron 6 P-3C
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 4 __
Air Station Atsugi UH-60J
Air Station Iwojima UH-60J
AAF Minami Torishima __
Fleet Air Wing 5 Fleet Squadron 5 P-3C Naha
Fleet Squadron 9 P-3C
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 5 __
Air Station Naha __
Fleet Air Wing 21 Fleet Squadron 101 SH-60J Tateyama
Fleet Squadron 121 SH-60J
Fleet Squadron 123 SH-60J
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 21 __
Air Station Tateyama __
Air Station Maizuru __
Fleet Air Wing 22 Fleet Squadron 122 SH-60J Omura
Fleet Squadron 124 Sh-60J
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 22 __
Air Station Omura __
Fleet Air Wing 31 Fleet Squadron 71 US-1A Iwakuni
Fleet Squadron 81 OP-3C
Fleet Squadron 91 UP-3D
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 31 __
Air Station Iwakuni __
Others Fleet Squadron 51 P-3C Atsugi
Fleet Squadron 61 YS-11M(-A)
Fleet Squadron 111 MH-53E Iwakuni
Fleet Submarine Force
Submarine Flottila 1   ASR403 Chihaya Kure
Submarine Division 1 SS591 Michishio
SS593 Makishio
SS594 Isoshio
Submarine Division 3 SS585 Hayashio
SS586 Arashio
SS588 Fuyushio
Submarine Division 5 SS583 Harushio
SS584 Natsushio
SS596 Kuroshio
Submarine Flottila 2   AS405 Chiyoda Yokosuka
Submarine Division 2 SS590 Oyashio
SS592 Uzushio
SS595 Narushio
Submarine Division 4 SS581 Yukishio
SS597 Takashio
Submarine Division 6 SS582 Sachishio
SS587 Wakashio
Submarine Training Squadron 1   TSS3601 Asashio Kure
TSS3604 Hamashio
Other Forces
Minesweeper Flottila   MST463 Uraga Yokosuka
MST464 Bungo Kure
Minesweeper Division 1 MSC687 Izushima Kure
MSC688 Aishima
MSC690 Miyajima
Minesweeper Division 2 MSC684 Naoshima Sasebo
MSC685 Toyoshima
MSC686 Ukushima
Minesweeper Division 51 MSO301 Yaeyama Yokosuka
MSO302 Tsushima
MSO303 Hachijo
Minesweeper Division 101 MCL724 Hahajima (ex-MSC660) Kure
MCL725 Kamishima (ex-MSC664)
Fleet Research and Development Command   ASE6101 Kurihama Yokohama
ASE6102 Asuka
Landing Division 1   LST4001 Osumi Kure
LST4002 Shimokita
LST4003 Kunisaki
LCAC Division 1 LCAC2101 1-go
LCAC2102 2-go
LCAC2103 3-go
LCAC2104 4-go
LCAC2105 5-go
LCAC2106 6-go

Yokosuka Regional District

    LCU2002 2-go Yokosuka
  AMS4302 Suo
  AGB5002 Shirase
Escort Division 21 DD122 Hatsuyuki
DD123 Shirayuki
DD125 Sawayuki
Minesweeper Division 41 MSC681 Sugashima
MSC682 Notojima
MSC683 Tsunoshima
Area Guard Group Yokosuka   ASY91 Hashidate

Kure Regional District

    LSU4171 Yura Kure
Escort Division 22 DD129 Yamayuki
DD130 Matsuyuki
DD131 Setoyuki
Area Guard Group Kure Base Facility Saiki AMS4301 Hiuchi Saiki
Sub Area Activity Hanshin Minesweeper Division 42 MSC666 Ogishima Kobe
MSC674 Tsukishima
MSC676 Kumejima

Sasebo Regional District

    LCU2001 1-go Sasebo
  AMS4303 Amakusa
Escort Division 23 DD127 Isoyuki
DD128 Haruyuki
DD132 Asayuki
Escort Division 26 DE231 Oyodo
DE232 Sendai
DE234 Tone
Area Guard Group Sasebo Missile Boat Division 3 PG826 Otaka
PG827 Kumataka
PG829 Shirataka
Sub Area Activity Shimonoseki Minesweeper Division 43 MSC673 Ieshima Shimonoseki
MSC675 Maejima
MSC677 Makishima
Sub Area Activity Okinawa Minesweeper Division 46 MSC668 Yurishima Okinawa
MSC669 Hikoshima
MSC689 Aoshima

Maizuru Regional District

    LSU4172 Noto Maizuru
Escort Division 24 DD124 Mineyuki
DE229 Abukuma
Minesweeper Division 44 MSC670 Awashima
MSC678 Tobishima
MSC680 Nagashima
Area Guard Group Maizuru Missile Boat Division 2 PG824 Hayabusa
PG825 Wakataka
PG828 Umitaka

Ominato Regional District

  Escort Division 25 DE230 Jintsu Ominato
DE233 Chikuma
Escort Division 27 DE226 Ishikari
DE227 Yubari
DE228 Yubetsu
Sub Area Activity Hakodate Minesweeper Division 45 MSC671 Sakushima Hakodate
MSC672 Uwajima
MSC679 Yugeshima
Yoichi Coastal Defense Group Missile Boat Division 1 PG821 1-go Yoichi
PG822 2-go
PG823 3-go
    TV3508 Kashima Kure
Training Division 1 TV3513 Shimayuki (ex-DD133)
TV3515 Yamagiri (ex-DD152)
TV3516 Asagiri (ex-DD151)
Air Training Group Shimofusa Air Training Squadron 203 P-3C Shimofusa
Air Training Squadron 205 YS-11T-A
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 203 __
Air Station Shimofusa UH-60J
Air Training Group Tokushima Air Training Squadron 202 TC-90 Tokushima
Maintenence and Supply Squadron 202 __
Air Station Tokushima UH-60J
Air Training Group Ozuki Air Training Squadron 201 T-5 Ozuki
Air Training Squadron Ozuki __
Maintenance and Supply Squadron 201 __
Air Station Ozuki UH-60J
Other Air Training Squadron 211 SH-60J Kanoya
    AGS5102 Futami Yokosuka
AGS5103 Suma
AGS5104 Wakasa
AGS5105 Nichinan
AOS5201 Hibiki Kure
AOS5202 Harima
ARC482 Muroto

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