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Independent Iraqi Democrats/Democratic Centrist Tendency

The Democratic Centrist Tendency was established in October 2000 in London. "Al-Hayat" reported that the opening congress of the group was attended by representatives of the Iraqi opposition in an apparent show of support, including: Muhammad Bahr-al-Ulum, Husayn al-Sadr, Hamad al-Bayati (SCIRI), Iyad al-Samarra'i (Iraqi Islamic Party), Fu'ad Ma'sum (PUK), Dilshad Miran (KDP), and Subhi al-Jamil (Iraqi Communist Party). Former Iraqi Governing Council member Mahdi al-Hafiz is vice president of the group; Ghassan al-Atiyyah is spokesman. The Independent Iraqi Democrats movement was formed in February 2003 by octogenarian and former Iraqi Foreign Minister Adnan Pachachi, who also played a founding role in the above-mentioned group. The Independent Iraqi Democrats officially rejected the U.S. administration of postwar Iraq, calling instead for the establishment of a provisional authority to administer the country in conjunction with the United Nations. Pachachi later joined the Iraqi Governing Council but was not afforded a role in the interim Iraqi government. The group publishes the daily "Al-Nahdah."

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