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SR.N6 Winchester Class

The Imperial Iranian Navy operated the largest hovercraft fleet of any country during the 1970s. Ordered in 1970 and delivered in 1973, Iran received a total of 8 SR.N6 type hovercraft, including 2 Mk 3 Attack craft and 6 Mk 4 Logistical versions. These craft were built by the British Hovercraft Company (originally the Saunders-Roe Division of Westland) and could be fitted with either one or two 12.7mm machine guns. The craft had a displacement of 10 tons and a top speed of 58 knots.

The hovercraft were acquired because of the many shallow draft waterways along the Iranian coast and in other regions of the Persian Gulf, making such a craft invaluable. The SR.N6 types were used mainly as patrol craft, and continued in this capacity even after the Iranian Revolution. However, by 2000, while 6 of the SR.N6 craft remained in inventory there was no evidence that they were operational.

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