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Kaman Fast Attack Missile Boat
Sina Fast Attack Missile Boat

Iran purchased 12 Combattante II missile boats from France, seeing them delivered between 1974 and 1981. These 275 ton displacement boats, officially named Kaman in Iranian service, have a top speed of 37.5 knots. They represented some of Iran's most modern vessels of Western origin. Two were lost in combat, one to Iraqi forces in 1980 and another to US forces in 1988.

The main armament of these ships was in the form of a four round missile launcher and a 76mm OTO-Melara automatic cannon. The anti-ship missiles were originally the RGM-84 Harpoon, but have since been replaced by the locally produced Noor, a license produced copy of the Chinese C-802 missile.

These missile boats remained an important part of the Iranian naval forces as of 2008, and had led to earlier developments announced in 2003 to develop a locally produced version. The first of these Sina Class missile boats, essentially locally produced Iranian versions of the Kaman, standard with C-802 missiles and an improved fire control radar, entered service in 2006. Iran had two of these boats in service by 2008, with another in production. These boats appear identical to the modified Kamans with the exception of the radar radome.

The Sina "frigate" at 350 tons is not a frigate in the commonly used meaning of that word. The "Sina-1" is in service; it is a near duplication of the old La Combattante II's Iran operates; but from the outset with Chinese C-801 missiles, Chinese diesels, and less elaborate EW systems.

The first SINA class boat, Peykan, became operational in 2006 followed by a second unit, Joshan. Reverse engineered Combattante-II (Kaman class) boats the only obvious external difference is the main radar. The Iranian military displayed its latest Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats in connection with the August 2006 war games and exercises. Both new versions of "Joshan P225 FAC(M)" and "Peykan P224 FAC(M)" have been re-built in memory of the original "KAMAN CLASS" FAC(M) "Peykan" and "Joshan" which lost in Persian Gulf during 1980-88 war against Iraq.

Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats are small naval vessels that have been used effectively to attack larger warships. These types of ships could be a threat to the US strike groups deploying in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. Naval Commander Kouchaki told Fars News Agency (FNA) that: "Joshan [a new Iranian PT boat] enjoys the world's latest technology, specially with regard to its military, electrical and electronic systems, frame and chassis, and it has the capabilities required for launching powerful missiles."

Iranian sources claim that "Similar to Iran's first PT boat 'Peykan', 'Joshan' also has a speed of over 45 sea knots which makes it even faster than the same generation of PT boats manufactured by other countries" [Western sources credit these vessels with a speed of about 35 knots]. The vessel is capable of using various missiles and rockets with a range beyond 100 km [60 miles], high maneuverability power that helps it to escape torpedoes, and enploys the most advanced sea shell of the world called 'Fajr'." The 76mm-caliber shell, which only Iran, the United States, and Italy can manufacture, of the new Iranian PT boat also enjoys a wide variety of military capabilities and can hit sea and air targets within the range of 19 km or 23 thousand feet in distance, respectively.

The second Iranian build Fast Attack Craft (Missile) or FAC(M) officially become operational in the Caspian Sea in September 2006. The newly built Iranian Navy "Joshan P225 FAC(M)" "joined "Peykan P224 FAC(M)" at sea and in background to shots on TV during naval exercise near base.

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