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Squadron 52

The sight that initials fear and panic; the sight that sends everyone scrambling for refuge; the sight that sends in grim signals of terror; Sharks, the demons of the seas are epitomes of 'Power and Agression'. They represent brutal strength and unihibited ferociousness and are undoubtedly the most feared creatures of the sea world. It is for these reasons and for many more that a Fighter Squadron like ours is named 'The Sharks'.

A Shark, besides being the agressive fish that it is, also unique in many of its traits. Unlike other large fish, it does not move around in schools and most often seen alone or in pairs. It reflects the reflects self dependent nature that a Shark possesses, the ability to be entirely on its own which is one of the essential attributes a Fighter Pilot must have. The fact that Sharks are also seen in pairs brings forth the fact that it does possess the ability to work as a part of a team, an asset that we have infused into ourselves as the 'Wigman Spirit'.

Sharks never swim in murky and shallow water and their workfield is in the cleaner and deeper parts of the oceans.

52 Squadron AF, the youngest Squadron of the Indian Air Force, was formed on 1 January 1986 at 16 Wing, Hashimara, equipped with the T-77 aircraft. The primary role of the Squadron is Air defence and the secondary role is ground attack. However, during peace time the Squadron is given the additional responsibility of conducting MOFT syllabus of young pilots.

The Sharks hadthe distinction of winning the IF rolling trophy in its very first year of formation.

The Squadron moved to Bagdogra during January 1990 where it continued to perform its primary, secondary and peacetime role.

On 1 November 1996 the Squadron moved to 14 Wing at Chabua.

Being the youngest Squadron of the IAF, it did not get an opportunity to take part in any operations. However during the Op alert in 1987, the Squadron operated a detachement from Srinagar from where it was to undertake OAS missions.

The Squadron was declared the "best Supersonic Fighter Squadron" for 1989-90. It was also adjudged the "best Fighter Squadron" in EAC for 1993-94 and 1995-96.

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