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Squadron 223

223 Squadron was formed at its present location on 10 May 1982 equipped with the MiG -23 MF Air Defence fighter aircraft. On 27 Nov 89 the squadron converted to the formidable MiG-29 Air Superiority Fighter, which it continues to fly till date.

The unit's proposed crest shows the striking end of the "Vajra" or "Trident". As per Indian mythology, this three pronged weapon, is Lord Indra's poweful thunderbolt. It is said that a great sage Dadhichi, gladly and voluntarily gave his body up for the gods to enable them to use his thigh-bone, to make the firecest weapon of all - the Vajra. A sign of sacrifice, the Vajra was always victorious in battle and continues to be a symbol of power and speed in action. In keeping with the role of the squadron, the Vajra represents its capability to seek and destroy aerial targets with absolute precision and lethality.

223 Squadron, AF was formed on 10 May 1982. It was the first Squadron in the IAF to be equipped with MiG-23 MF aircraft perhaps the most powerful single engine fighter in the world at that time. Besides rendering yeoman service to the Air Force it had the unique distinction of operating from Leh one of the highest airfields a fighter has ever operated from. The Squadron was christened "The Swing Wing Interceptors" and rightfully so as it described the characteristics as the ac in its role to the halt. In May 1989 the Squadron wound down its operation on the MiG-23 as it was lated to covert on to MiG-29s.

The MiG-29 code named "Fulcrum" by NATO was and is perhaps the most lethal fighter in the world. Induction of the ac commenced in early 1990 and within a few months the Squadron had its full complement of ac and was fully operational. Since the swing wing was no more applicable the Squadron changed its name to 'Tridents". The Squadron is based in Adampur - though it would move out during Ops.

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