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Helicopter Unit 129
"Nubra Warriors"

The crest of 129 HU, Air Force comprises of Warrior's double aged sword with lightening emanating from it. On top it has the Warrior's golden winged helmet and the numeral 129 inscribed at the bottom. The outer circle comprises the unit name NUBRA WARRIORS and the unit motto NEVER GIVE IN. The background of the complete logo is in red colour.

The name NUBRA WARRIORS has been adopted from the river NUMBRA flowing out the Siachen Glacier. This highest battlefield in the world was the area of operation assigned to the unit formation. The war time role of the unit includes special heliborne operations and armament. During peacetime the unit undertakes anti-insurgency and air maintenance role in J & K sector and other roles like VVIP/VIP flying, colour trooping, flypast during all ceremonial occasions, aid to civil power during natural calamities and casualty evacuation etc. in true spirit of the Warrior.

The lightening emanating from the sword embodies the power wielded by the mighty warrior. The winged helmet signifies the ability of the NUBRA Warrior to swoop down from the skies whenever and wherever required, with all expediency the motto "Never Five In" embodies the spirit and tenacity of the Nubra Warrior to the successfully complete their missions against all odd and to `Never Give In'. The red colour in the background signifies the strength of purpose and commitment of the Nubra Warriors and serves as a warning to all adversaries.

The sanction for formation of the 129 Helicopter Unit was accorded by the Govt. of India, Min of Defence in March 1987. Accordingly, the unit was raised at AF Stn Hindan in July 1987. The unit when formed was assigned with various op and peace time roles which included Special Heliborne Ops, VVIP/VIP Communication, Courier flights for HP Govt. and Flypast on ceremonial occasions like Republic Day, Independence Day, Air Force Day etc. "NUBRA WARRIORS" have the exclusive honour of colour trooping the National Flag on all these occasions.

Within six days of its formation at Hindon, the unit ferried five Helicopters to Sri Lanka. Besides the airlift provided to Prabhakaran, the LTTE leader, from Jaffna to Trichy for talks with the Indian Prime Minister, the unit flew 155:35 hrs and airlifted 608 personnel and 18 tons of load in one month. In the same area the unit flew the total of 877:30 hrs in 1987 sorties airlifting 11, 829 passenger and 613 tones of load during "OP PAWAN".

Immediately after coming from "OP PAWAN" Ex-Srilanka, the unit was asked to operate at Thoise for 'OP MEGHDOOT'. From sea-level scenic beauty, the scene now shifted to the highest peaks amidst the rugged terrain in the world the Siachen Glacier. The unit did a commendable job by airlifting 393 tons of load within just nine days. Apart from the above ops, the unit is regularly engaged in providing airlift to VVIP/VIPs of India and foreign countries. The unit also undertakes various tasks of providing aid to civil power in case of natural calamities like flood, riots, cas evac etc. The unit carried out flood relief operations in Bihar in 1987, in Gujrat, Punjab and HP states in 1988 and at Malpa (Pithoragarh) in August 1998.

The unit also become the first MI-17 unit in the IAF to undertake the armament role on MI-17 H/C, when it under took armament trials at SK range between 29 July-5 August 1988. A total of 141 rockets were fired. In the month of Jul 88 apart from the units operational commitment in the Siachen sector six helicopters were despatched to take part in counter terrorist ops in the Mand area of Punjab. In this operation 1350 Punjab police personnel were airlifted, utilizing 49: 20 hrs in 84 sorties. The month of Aug, Sep 88 also witnessed devastating floods in the North Indian states of Punjab, Gujrat and Bihar. The heavily committed unit was again pressed into service in aid to civil admin, and total of 79/21/34 sorties, utilizing 48:20/31:45/30:20 hrs, were flown respectively for the Govt. of Punjab, Gujrat and Bihar. In 1988 the unit won its first richly deserved Laurels when it was awarded the WAC " BEST OVERALL PERFORMANCE" trophy for the year 1987-88, as well as the " IAF Squadron of the year" trophy 1988.

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