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Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV)

Vessel TypeSubmarine
ProgramAdvanced Technology Vessel (ATV)
Total Number5-6
Unit Cost (US$)1B (Est.)
BuilderVishakapatnam Naval Dockyard (VND)
with assistance from Mazagon Dock Ltd. (MDL).
Displ. Tons6,000 tons [official]
5,500 - 6,500 (Est.)
Length110 m 367-foot [official]
100m (330 ft) (Est.)
Beam11 m 37-foot [official]
15m (49 ft) (Est.)
Draft9m (30 ft) (Est.)
Machinery Nuclear: one pressurized water reactor (PWR)
  • 20%-34% enriched uranium fuel (160-190MW);
  • one turbine (47,000hp / 70MW );
  • one shaft; one 7-bladed, high-skew propeller. (Est.)
  • Speed (Knots) 12-15 (surfaced) 30-34 (submerged). (Est.)
    Diving Depth300 m (1000 ft). (Est.)
    Complementnearly 100 (Est.)
    Weapons Torpedoes: Six 21 inch (533mm) torpedo tubes.
    Mines. A total capacity (mines, torpedoes, and missiles) of 30 weapons. (Est.)
    submarine launched ballistic missiles
  • Submarine launched cruise missiles (SLCM) using either a vertical launch system or a torpedo tube launch,
  • 12 K 15 submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM). (Est.)

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