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Dajiang Class (Submarine Rescue Ship)

Large multirole submarine support ships; can serve both as alongside tenders and salvage/rescue ships. Can carry two salvage/rescue submersibles, handled by a large crane on the foredeck.The Chinese Navy designed the Dajiang class to fill a need for splashdown retrieval in the intercontinental missile testing, deepsea rescue and, in the future, astronaut recovery.

The ship is equipped with deep diving rescue boat, 56 ton hydraulic folding arm crane, life saving bell, three pressure reduction holds at a pressure of 25 kg/cm2, two large helicopters with hangar, take off and landing platform and navigational equipment, fast workboats, 1,000 meter deep water anchor, 200 meter deep water large sized positioning anchor and facilities to serve the position pinpointing operation at sea. The design and construction of this ship were the same as those of ocean going surveying ship.

The first ship started construction in 1975 and was completed in November 1979 for use.

In order to reduce the number of ship types and speed up construction, by one report her overall design was basically the same as that of the ocean going surveying ship, though . This design is also used for several other auxiliaries.

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