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558 Aviation Repair Plant

The city of Baranovichi, a large industrial center and the important transport node in the West of Belarus, is the site of the aviation capital of Belarus, the Republic Unitary Production Enterprise 558 Aviation Repair Plant. The successful geographical position on the crossing of international transport arteries contributed to the intensive development of the infrastructure of city. At present in Baranovichakh there are a number of higher educational institutions, and also of enterprises of machine-building profile, textile combine, plants for processing of agricultural production.

Belarus and Russia have been looking for buyers for a batch of Su-30 aircraft, located at 558th Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranavichy, that had previously been in service of Indian military. This was reported by first deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia Alexander Fomin on 16 May 2012. Belarus showed no interest in acquiring aircraft. Alexander Fomin also says that if the customer appears, these aircraft will be refurbished and modernized by his requirements. The project on the implementation of fighters involves FSMTC, Rosoboronexport, 558th Aircraft Repair Plant, Beltechexport and the manufacturer.

But, first of all, Baranovichi is known as the large aviation center of Belarus. Here there is located a large air base, and also the Republic Unitary Production Enterprise "558 Aviation Repair Plant" (558 ARZ), which specializes in the repair of modern combat aviation equipment, which is found in the arsenal not only the VVS of Belarus, but also many foreign states. The spectrum of the activity of plant covers also the aircraft of civilian airlines. Today 558 ARZ is dynamically a working enterprise, which has available highly skilled personnel, contemporary production base and foremost technological equipment.

The history of 558 ARZ began on 26 June 1941, when in Kharkov it was formed as the 338 PARM [mobile aircraft maintenance workshop]. First they returned to the line the damaged in combat destroyers Yak-1, then within the shortest periods mastered the repair of light bombers Su-2, and beginning with 1943 the armored attack aircraft Il-2, and also the aircraft Il-10. Later 338 PARM entered into the composition of the Stalingrad Front and was located in the very center of this great battle. In four years the workers of 338 PARM returned into operation 286 combat aircraft, which is equivalent to the number of 8-9 wings. The working exploit of personnel was noted by the Order of the Red Star.

In 1953 of 338 PARM was relocated to Baranovichi. Here it was in prospect to master the repair of newest for that time jet aircraft - fighters MiG-15, MiG-17. In 1958-61, in the shops of Aviarembazy (as by that time the new name of 338 PARM), there appeared more complex machines - the bombers Il-28 and Tu-16, whose repair required a completely new level of technologies and qualification of workers. The aircraft, saturated by radio-electronic equipment, required the introduction of the newest technologies and creation of new test benches. Workshops became the valuable aviation repair plant (ARZ), to which was appropriated 558.

Accumulated experience and the unique qualification of personnel, and also the foremost equipment of production brought 558 ARZ the deserved authority among the airmen of many countries of world.

558 ARZ has wide experience of military technical collaboration with the foreign countries.The aircraft VVS of Poland, GDR, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other countries were repaired. The enterprise possesses license to the independent foreign economic activity, which contributes to output/yield to the wide international market. 558 ARZ accomplish repair and technical tracking of the repaired technology not only in its shops, but also on the spot of the basing of flight vehicles. In any region of peace/world on the demand of customer is ready to arrive the brigade of the highly skilled specialists with the complete set of service and maintenance facility, tools and equipment/accessories and to ensure on the spot the required level of proper working order of machines.

The aircraft, which passed repair on 558 ARZ, are ensured by the guarantee, whose cost/value is included in initial contract.In the interests of customer the plant achieves delivery of spare parts and completing articles. From other repair enterprises 558 ARZ differ significantly in terms of the presence of the effectively acting training center. The theoretical, flight and training training of crew here is accomplished, technical personnel of line units is trained to servicing new aviation equipment, and personnel of repair enterprises study advanced technologies and procedures of the repair of the aircraft of different types, engines, avionics and armament.

In recent years 558 ARZ passed instruction in operation and in the repair of aircraft Su-22, Su-25, Su-27 and MiG-29 it is more than 300 foreign specialists.

Today the basis of production program 558 ARZ compose destroyers Su-27, MiG-29, attack aircraft Su-25 and the fighter-bombers of family Su-17 (Su-20/22). Having available the highly skilled personnel, by test benches and by maintenance facility, plant to the perfection mastered the repair of these flight vehicles. Seeing the guarantee of the success in further increase in the standard of production and introduction of the newest technologies, 558 ARZ accomplish complex reconstruction of its production capacities and introduction of new technological processes.

For the mastery of the leading positions on the market for the repair of contemporary combat aircraft the enterprise passed certification to the correspondence to the international system of quality ISO 9002. The specialists of 558 ARZ developed the electronic catalog of the parts of the aircraft MiG-29, in which specific part searches for on a number of key signs/criteria. In the interactive multi-media regime in appearance of part it is possible to obtain its number which facilitates the processes of flaw detection and assembling of aircraft after repair.electronic catalog includes the form of the order for the spare parts and completing, whose use simplifies work with the foreign customers, excluding ambiguous reading. In enterprise the automated system of management of production, which unites 120 personal computers on the technological sections and on the storages is put into operation.

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