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T-AGOR-9 Thomas G Thompson
R/V Gosport (IX-517)

The GOSPORT, a U.S. Navy owned 210-foot research vessel operated by Norfolk Naval Shipyard is available to support a wide variety of general research, scientific, test support and environmental operations.

R/V Thomas G Thompson (T-AGOR-9) was leased to University of Washington, and later returned to US Naval custody and reclassified as Unclassified Miscellaneous and renamed/redesignated M/V Pacific Escort (IX-517). Renamed R/V Gosport (IX-517) in 1995, this multi-purpose research vessel is available for hire from Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

IX-517 R/V Gosport can contribute to the improvement of the training processes, especially in an underway scenario. LANTFLT vessels are minimizing underway periods to the minimum amount consistent with readiness requirements. This approach demands that precious underway time is devoted to efficient completion of training requirements. Anything else would detract from this goal. GOSPORT can assist in this instance- rather than rely on vessels of opportunity to provide underway services. It would enhance the training of LANTFLT units to have at their disposal a dedicated support platform to perform tasks that are usually assigned to vessels of opportunity, vessels that themselves are trying to conduct training.

GOSPORT can provide the following services:

  • Drone Target launch and recovery for Fleet Missilex
  • VBSS platform for MIO training(safe, realistic boarding training)
  • Exercise Mine-laying/recovery(compare to deploying units from USS Ingleside)
  • NAVSPECWAR support vessel (relieves ARS)
  • PC tender (maximizes underway time for PC)

GOSPORT can be outfitted for a wide variety of projects including:

  • Submarine Safety Escort
  • Sonar Systems Certification (SATS)
  • Acoustic Research
  • Oceanographic Research
  • Towed System Support
  • Submersible Vehicle Support
  • Environmental Research/Monitoring
  • Ship Instrumentation/Equipment Test Platform
  • Data Collection Devices, Launch & Retrieval
  • Law Enforcement Surveillance and Patrol
  • Fisheries Research
  • Light Salvage
  • Training/Readiness Support


Assets on GOSPORT include over 1,300 square feet of laboratory space in three separate labs, one of which is capable of complete isolation and through-hull tube launch of equipment. An A-frame is located on the stern for towing of gear. Deck space is available on the 01 level for portable vans. A telescoping crane is available on the 01 level aft and an articulating crane is located on the fantail.

The ship is fully equipped per COMSUBPAC and COMSUBLANT instruction with active/passive sonar, underwater telephones, Signal Underwater Sound (SUS) devices, and Sonar Acoustical Target Source (SATS) equipment.


Navigation capabilities include Differential Global Positioning System (GPS), Surface Search Radar (SPS-73),  as well as conventional visual bearing plot and celestial navigation. The bridge radar repeaters (SPA-25G) are modern digital color presentations including Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), for safe and efficient target tracking, on the main radar. A digital color video plotter provides a situational display from any navigational input and is very useful in submarine as well as scientific work.

The ship has a state-of-the-art public address/talk-back system and a color remote video camera system with monitoring on the bridge, in the mess room, and engine room.

An azimuthing bow thruster assists accurate station keeping ability. The ship's automatic pilot is a modern ADG (Adaptive Digital Gyropilot) with hands-off tracking to waypoints and pre-determined maneuvering capability.


GOSPORT has a very efficient hull requiring only modest power and fuel consumption to achieve cruising speed. Additionally, the ADG autopilot is specifically designed for optimal fuel consumption. Combined with small crew size, this allows economical operation and enables customers to realize cost savings compared to other vessels of this size and capability. Actual daily rates are dependent on customer's operational requirements and duration of voyage. 


The ship is owned by the U.S. Navy, civilian crewed, and is in excellent condition. It is built to U.S. Navy specifications and is fully classed +AIE, +AMS (highest rating) by ABS under continuous survey of hull, machinery and equipment.


GOSPORT's professional, courteous crew is committed to operating the vessel to the highest standards of competency and safety. Service to the customer is reflected in the crew's "can do" attitude and their commitment to the customer's mission. All crew members have dual skills which include:

  • Welder
  • Electronic Technician
  • Electrician
  • Machinist
  • Diver
  • A/C & R Mechanic
  • Pipefitter
  • Rigger

They will perform services to the customer's equipment upon request.


GOSPORT has single or double staterooms for up to 30 Project personnel. The ship is fully air-conditioned throughout and the modern galley provides excellent dining. Their roomy lounge/library is equipped with a TV and VCR and offers a pleasant retreat for all personnel. The mess rooms provide alternate video viewing and relaxation.


GOSPORT is available to support a wide variety of projects. Availability of GOSPORT is often possible on a very short notice, a significant convenience for projects having short-fused requirements for a support vessel. Primary areas of operation are U.S. East Coast and Atlantic Ocean waters, although operations in other areas may be arranged.

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