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S3G Nuclear Submarine Prototype

The S3G plant was a two-loop PWR with horizontal steam generator. The S3G (SAR-1) prototype was built at the Kesselring Site in West Milton, NY (Ballston Spa NPTU) The prototype started operation in 1958. This prototype was permanently shut down in 1992 and subsequently decommissioned.

The S3G core 3 was a very successful design, being used as the replacement core when S5W plants were refueled. The core incorporated a unique skew-divergent design in which the fuel element arrangement looked like a bunch of pencils that were held at the middle and twisted to flare out the top and bottom of the bunch. This arrangement gave more space in the reactor head area for maintenance. ?Another unique feature of the S3G core 3 was the use of "Y" shaped control rods versus the standard cruciform control rods used in the S5W reactor. S3G core 3 had an operating life of about 18,000 equivalent full power hours.

The S3G Nuclear Submarine Prototype training is located on the Kesselring Site in West Milton, New York, approximately 17 miles north of Schenectady. The S3G Prototype reactor plant first started operation in 1958, and served for more than 30 years as a facility for testing reactor plant components and equipment and for training Naval personnel.

As a result of the end of the Cold War and the downsizing of the Navy, the S3G Prototype reactor plant was shut down in May 1991. Since then, the S3G Prototype reactor plant has been defueled [a process that was completed in 1995], drained, and placed in a stable protective storage condition.

The Kesselring Site will not be released for other uses in the foreseeable future since two active prototype reactor plants continue to operate to perform training of US Navy personnel and testing of Naval nuclear propulsion plant equipment.

As a result of the end of the Cold War and the downsizing of the Navy, the S3G and D1G Prototype reactor plants were shut down in May 1991 and March 1996, respectively. All spent nuclear fuel was removed from the S3G Prototype reactor and shipped off-site in July 1994 Dismantlement and removal of the first plant (S3G Prototype) was completed in 2006.

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