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Next Generation Countermeasure (NGCM)

The Next Generation Countermeasure (NGCM) will be a three-inch diameter mobile acoustic countermeasure with acoustic communication links to enable countermeasure connectivity and group behavior to defeat threat torpedoes. The NGCM is intended to be launched in-groups of up to six units. Some of the units will act as stationary broadcast jammers; others will be mobile and be launched as sophisticated decoys. The countermeasures (CMs) will have receivers capable of operating in full duplex mode. An acoustic communication link will pass tactical information and updates between the CMs and ships/subs operating within the battlespace. The NGCMs will be re-programmable to operate cooperatively with friendly counterfire (US torpedo firings) or anti-torpedo (ATT) firings. It will be able to change tactics or modes of operation in response to perceived tactical or environmental conditions in response to downloaded commands via the acoustic communication link. It will have an advanced tactical processor embedded and a threat torpedo classifier built into the unit. The CM will use its programmed group behavior technology to determine the appropriate behavior/response.

The concepts to be demonstrated with this program include:

  1. Mobile countermeasure operations and tactics
  2. Utility and capability of acoustic communications for countermeasures
  3. Group Behavior and the ability to cooperatively engage the threat and interact/communicate with other fleet assets and units
  4. Threat Classification by the countermeasure and ability to defeat the identified threat
  5. Full Duplex receive/transmit sensor capability and ability to detect bearing of incoming threat.
  6. Single crystal transducer technology.

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