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AN / Designators

AN/6A/B General Countermeasures Set
AN/ACC-9(V)P-3C Communications Management Terminal
AN/ACCC-5 OV-10 Multiplexer
AN/AIC-29(V) AIRCRAFT Secure Intercommunication System
AN/AKT-22(V) AIRCRAFT Telemetry Data Transmitting Set
AN/ALQ-108 S-3A, E-2-C Identification Friend or Foe Detection Set
AN/ALQ-126B AIRCRAFT Communications Jammer
AN/ALQ-129 AIRCRAFT Electronic Countermeasure Mini-Jammer for Tactical Aircraft
AN/ALQ-130 A-4, A-6, A-7, F-4 Communications Jammer
AN/ALQ-136 (V) Advanced Helicopter Electronic Countermeasures System
AN/ALQ-142 SH-60 Electronic Support Measures System
AN/ALQ-149 EA-6B Communications Jammer
AN/ALQ-158 P-3C Phased Array Antenna
AN/ALQ-162 AIRCRAFT Jammer (COMPASS Sail Clockwise)
AN/ALQ-164 AV-8B Pre-Mounted AN/ALQ-126B
AN/ALQ-165 F-14, F-18, EA-6B Airborne Self-Protection Jammer (ASPJ)
AN/ALQ-78 P-3C Electronic Support Measures System
AN/ALQ-89 RA-5C Communications Jamming System
AN/ALQ-92 EA-6B Multiple Low Band Jammer System
AN/ALQ-97 EA-6B Jamming System
AN/ALQ-99E EA-6B Multiple Low Band Jammer System
AN/ALR-40 EA-3B/C Reconnaissance and Collection System
AN/ALR-42 EA-6B Integration System
AN/ALR-43 AIRCRAFT Electronic Support Measures Receiver
AN/ALR-44 AIRCRAFT Broadband Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
AN/ALR-45F A-6, A-7, EA-6B, F-4, F-14 Radar Homing and Warning Receiver (RHAW)
AN/ALR-52 E-2C, EA-3, EA-6B, EP-3E Broadband Receiver
AN/ALR-60 EP-3E Broadband Communications Intercept Receiver
AN/ALR-66(V) SH-60, P-3C Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
AN/ALR-73 E-2C Electronic Support Measures Set/Passive Detection System
AN/ALR-74, EA-6B, F-14, F-18 Advanced Radar Warning Receiver
AN/ALR-75 E-2C Electronic Support Measures Surveillance Receiver System
AN/ALR-76 S-3A Passive Radar Electronic Countermeasures System
AN/ALR-77 P-3C Electronic Support Measures System
AN/ALR-91 AIRCRAFT Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
AN/ALT-40(V) AIRCRAFT Airborne Jammer Simulator
AN/APR-11 AIRCRAFT Electronic Intelligence Receiver
AN/APR-18 RA-5C Reconnaissance System
AN/APR-23B A-4 Electronic Warfare/Radar Warning Receiver
AN/APR-30 AIRCRAFT Radar Homing and Warning (RHAW)
AN/APR-32 AIRCRAFT Radar Homing and Warning (RHAW)
AN/APR-33 AIRCRAFT Electronic Countermeasures Receiver System
AN/APR-69 F-4, F-14, A-7 Automatic Airborne Direction Finding
AN/APR-9 AIRCRAFT Electronic Intelligence Receiver
AN/ARC-101 P-3C VHF Transmitter/Receiver
AN/ARC-143B F-14 UHFSATCOM/Line of Sight Transceiver
AN/ARC-153 S-3A HF Transmitter/Receiver
AN/ARC-156 E-2C HF Transceiver
AN/ARC-159(V) SH-60, F-14, A-6,A-7 UHF Transceiver
AN/ARC-161 P-3C HF Airborne Transceiver
AN/ARC-171(V) EC-130Q UHF SATCOM/Line of Sight Transceiver
AN/ARC-174 (V) SH-60 HF Airborne Transceiver
AN/ARC-182(V) F-18, AV-8B VHF/UHF AM/FM Transceiver
AN/ARC-187 P-3C UHF SATCOM/Line of Sight Transceiver
AN/ARC-200 F/A-18 HF/Single Sideband Airborne Radio Set
AN/ARC-51 AIRCRAFT UHF Transmitter/Receiver
AN/ARC-94 P-3C HF Radio
AN/ARQ-40 F-14, P-3C Joint Tactical Information Distribution System Class 2 Terminal
AN/ARR-72 P-3C ORION Sonobuoy Receiver System
AN/ARR-72 SH-60, P-3C, S-3A Sonobuoy Receiver
AN/ARR-75 P-3C Sonobuoy Receiver
AN/ARR-76 S-3A Sonobuoy Receiver
AN/ARR-78 P-3C UHF Receiver
AN/ARR-78(V) AIRCRAFT Advanced Sonobuoy Communication Link (ASCL)
AN/ARR-81(V) AIRCRAFT Communications Intelligence System
AN/ART-47 AIRCRAFT UHF Transmitter
AN/ASA-66 P-3C Anti-Submarine Warfare Tactical Data Cockpit Display System
AN/ASA-82 S-3A Anti-Submarine Warfare Tactical Data Display System
AN/ASQ-171 EP-3E Automatic Electronic Intelligence Receiver
AN/ASQ-81(V) P-3C Airborne Magnetic Anomaly Detection System (MADS)
AN/ASQ-93 F-14 Electronic Countermeasure Tactical Homing and Warning
AN/ASR-3 P-3A/S-2D Submarine Detection System
AN/ASW-25 AIRCRAFT Digital Data Set
AN/ASW-27 F-14 Digital Data Communications Set
AN/AYA-8B P-3C Anti-Submarine Warfare Data Processing System
AN/BLA-2 SUBMARINE Direction Finding Antenna
AN/BLA-4 SUBMARINE Electronic Countermeasures Antenna System
AN/BLD-1 SUBMARINE Direction Finding System
AN/BLD-7 SUBMARINE Radio Direction Finding
AN/BLQ-( ) SUBMARINE Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship/Submarine Acoustic Torpedo Jamming System
AN/BLQ-3 SUBMARINE LF Acoustic Jammer System
AN/BLQ-4 SUBMARINE HF Acoustic Jammer System
AN/BLQ-5 SUBMARINE LF Acoustic Repeater
AN/BLQ-6 SUBMARINE HF Acoustic Repeater
AN/BLQ-8 SUBMARINE Acoustic System Decoy
AN/BLR-( ) SUBMARINE Electronic Support Measures Detection System
AN/BLR-1 SUBMARINE Electronic Countermeasures Detection System
AN/BLR-10 SUBMARINE Crystal Video Direction Finding Receiver
AN/BLR-12 SUBMARINE Warning Receiver
AN/BLR-13 SUBMARINE Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
AN/BLR-14 SUBMARINE Acoustic Intelligence Receiver
AN/BLR-15 SUBMARINE Electronic Support Measures Receiver/Producer
AN/BLR-35 SUBMARINE Electronic Support Measures Receiver
AN/BQG-1/4 SUBMARINE Passive Fire Control Sonar
AN/BQQ-1 SUBMARINE Search and Fire Control Sonar
AN/BQQ-2 SUBMARINE Sonar for Submarine-Launched Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon System
AN/BQQ-5 SSN Nuclear Attach Submarine Sonar
AN/BQQ-6 SSBN Active/Passive Sonar for Trident Submarines
AN/BQR-2 SUBMARINE Passive Sonar
AN/BQR-21 SUBMARINE Passive Detection and Tracking Set (DIMUS)
AN/BQR-7 SSBN Passive Sonar Part of BQQ-2 System Fitted to Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine System
AN/BQS-4 SUBMARINE Adds Active Sonar Capability to BQR-2B
AN/BQS-6 SUBMARINE Active Submarine Sonar Part of BQQ-2 System
AN/BRA-15 SUBMARINE Antenna Group
AN/BRD-24ASUBMARINE Antenna System
AN/BRD-6 SUBMARINE Radio Direction Finding
AN/BRD-7 SUBMARINE Intercept Direction Finding System
AN/BRM-6 SUBMARINE RF Simulator Test Set
AN/BRR-6 SUBMARINE Radio Receiving Set
AN/BRT-1 SUBMARINE Communications Buoy
AN/BRT-1 SUBMARINE Sonar Radio Transmitting Buoy
AN/BRT-1 SUBMARINE Sonar Radio Transmitting Buoy
AN/BRT-6 SUBMARINE UHF Buoy Satellite Communications Transmitter System
AN/BSC-1 SUBMARINE Underwater Power Amplifier
AN/BSY-1SUBMARINE Submarine Combat System (IBM Program)
AN/DLQ-1DRONE Electronic Countermeasures Jammer
AN/DLQ-2 DRONE Electronic Countermeasures Jammer
AN/DLQ-3 DRONE Electronic Countermeasures Jammer
AN/DLQ-6 DRONE Electronic Countermeasures Jammer
AN/FAC-2B (V) GROUND Fiber Optic Communications System
AN/FCC-100 GROUND Defense Communications System Multiplexer
AN/FCC-99 (V) GROUND Multiplexer
AN/FGC-178 GROUND Teletypewriter
AN/FGC-73 GROUND Teletypewriter
AN/FLQ-2 GROUND Electronic Countermeasures Set
AN/FLQ-3 (XN-1) (V) GROUND Electronic Warfare Receiver
AN/FLQ-4 GROUND Multimode Jammer/Simulator
AN/FLR-15A GROUND Electronic Warfare Intelligence System
AN/FLR-7 GROUND Electronic Intelligence Set
AN/FQA-11 (V) GROUND Amplifier Patching Group
AN/FQA-4 (V) GROUND Sonar Data Recorder
AN/FQA-5 (V) GROUND Sonar Data Recorder
AN/FQQ-1, 2, 9 GROUND Acoustic Cable
AN/FQS-117 (V) GROUND Acoustic Direction Finder Set
AN/FRC-166 GROUND Radio Set
AN/FRC-171 GROUND Terrestrial Digital Microwave Radio
AN/FRC-173 GROUND Radio Set
AN/FRD-10 GROUND Direction Finder Set
AN/FRQ-24 (XG-1) (V) GROUND Antenna Tuning System
AN/FRT-11 GROUND General Purpose Transmitter
AN/FRT-12 GROUND General Purpose Transmitter
AN/FRT-39 SHIPBOARD General Purpose HF Transmitter
AN/FRT-40 Shipboard/Ground/Van Radio Transmitting Set
AN/FRT-52 Shipboard/Ground Radio Transmitting Set
AN/FRT-54 Ground General Purpose HF Transmitter
AN/FRT-83(V) Ground Radio Transmitting Set
AN/FRT-84(V) Ground Radio Transmitting Set
AN/FRT-85 (V) Ground Radio Transmitting Set
AN/FRT-86 (V) Ground Radio Transmitter Set
AN/FRT-87 Ground Radio Transmitter Set
AN/FRT-89 Ground MF Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-91 Ground HF Radio Transmitter
AN/FRT-95 Ground Radio Transmitting Set
AN/FSA-57 (V) Ground Visual Communications Set
AN/FSA-58 (V) Ground Communications Control Monitor Group
AN/FSC-78 Ground SHF Satellite Terminal
AN/FSC-79 Ground SHF Satellite Uplink
AN/FSH-7 Ground Tape Loop Modification
AN/FSK-1A (V) Ground Signal Processor
AN/FSK-2 Ground Wideband Automatic Signal Processor
AN/FSK-3 Ground Signal Processor
AN/FSM 053 Ground Wideband Simulator
AN/FSM-51 Ground Wideband Control Acquisition Subsystem
AN/FSQ-111 Ground Digital Data Sheet
AN/FSQ-113 Ground Signal Acquisition System
AN/FSQ-117A Ground Wideband Acquisition System
AN/FSQ-123 (V) Ground Narrowband Acquisition System
AN/FSQ-135 (XN-1) Ground Shore Cryptographic Support System
AN/FSQ-44 Ground Electronic Warfare Simulator
AN/FSQ-62 Ground TACDEW-Pacific Electronic Counter-countermeasures Simulator
AN/FSQ-88 Ground Le Fox Green Computer
AN/FSQ-93 (A) (V) Ground Remote Control
AN/FSR-5A (V) Ground Wideband Acquisition Receiver
AN/FSS-12 (V) Ground Anti-Intrusion Alarm Set
AN/FSS-14 (V) Ground Anti-Intrusion Alarm Set
AN/FSS-15 (V) Ground Anti-Intrusion Alarm Set
AN/FSS-16 (V) Ground Anti-Intrusion Alarm Set
AN/FTC-31 Ground Telephone Switch Set
AN/FTC-52 Ground Digital Conferencing Set
AN/FTQ-1 (V) Ground Voice Communications Security Set
AN/FTQ-2 (V) Ground Voice Communications Security Set
AN/FTQ-3 (V) Ground Voice Communications Security Set
AN/FXQ-5 (V) Ground Closed Circuit Television Set
AN/FYC-94A Ground Operator Subsystem
AN/FYQ-103 (V) Ground Communications Processor Set
AN/FYQ-104 Ground Parameter Processing Set
AN/FYQ-105 Ground Data Entry Set
AN/FYQ-106 (V) Ground Digital Display Set
AN/FYQ-108 (XN-1) Ground Signal Intelligence Emitter Classification Set
AN/FYQ-70 (V) Ground Data Transmission Set
AN/GCC-21 Ground Multiplexer
AN/GCC-5 Ground Multiplexer for AN/TRC-87
AN/GRC-160 Manpack/Vehicle Version of AN/PRC-77
AN/GRC-171 Vehicle UHF Transceiver for AIT Traffic Control
AN/GRC-193A Vehicle HF Transceiver
AN/GRC-201 Ground Troposcatter Communications Set
AN/GRC-206 Vehicle HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver (Pacer Speak)
AN/GRC-209 Ground Millimeter Radio
AN/GRC-213 Vehicle HF/Single Sideband Vehicular Transceiver
AN/GSC-24 (V) Ground Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer (DSCS)
AN/GSC-38 Ground Satellite Communications Terminal
AN/GSC-49 Ground Jam-Resistant Secure Satellite Communications Terminal (DSCS)
AN/GSH-54 Ground Recording Set
AN/GSQ-174 Ground Special Purpose Set
AN/GSQ-213 Ground Time Signal Set
AN/GSS-33 Ground Alarm Set
AN/GWQ-183 Ground Fire Direction Set
AN/GXC-7A Ground Tactical Field Facsimile Set
AN/GYC-7 (XN-1) Ground Unit-Level Message Switch (TRI-TAC)
AN/GYC-8 Ground HF Digital Communications Set
AN/lURM-507B General Radio Beacon Test Set
AN/MLR-1 Mobile General Purpose Electronic Support Measures
AN/MPN-23 Mobile Radar Navigation Set
AN/MRC-138 HMMWV/Jeep HF Radio Transceiver
AN/MRC-139 (NX-1) Mobile Radio Terminal Set
AN/MSC-63A Mobile Communications Central
AN/MSK-123 Mobile Field Computer
AN/MSQ-123 Mobile Special Purpose Set
AN/PAS-6 Image Forming Receiver (PACT/PROT)
AN/PLQ-( ) (XN-1) Portable Identification Friend or Foe (Patricia)
AN/PRC-14 Manpack HF/Single Sideband Transceiver
AN/PRC-41 Manpack VHF/UHF Transceiver
AN/PRC-56 Portable Radio Set
AN/PRC-68 (V) Handheld VHF Secure Transmitter/Receiver
AN/PRC-70 Manpack HF-VHF Transceiver
AN/PRC-75 Portable VHF Transceiver
AN/PRC-77 Manpack Radio Set
AN/PRC-90 Handheld Emergency Locator Transceiver
AN/PRC-94 (V) Handheld VHF/FM Transceiver
AN/PRC-96 Handheld VHF/UHF Lifeboat Portable Distress Radio Equipment
AN/PRC-104 (V) Manpack HF/Single Sideband Manpack Transceiver
AN/PRC-112 (V) Handheld Survival Transceiver
AN/PRC-113 Manpack UHF/VHF Manpack Transceiver (Pacer Speak)
AN/PRC-114 Portable VHF Transceiver
AN/PRC-115 Portable VHF Transceiver
AN/PRC-119 Manpack VHF Transceiver (SINCGARS)
AN/PRC-123 (V) Manpack HF/Single Sideband Transceiver
AN/PRT-5 Handheld Emergency Transmitter
AN/PSC-1 Manpack UHF SATCOM/Line of Sight Transceiver
AN/PSC-2 Handheld Digital Communications Terminal
AN/PSC-3 Manpack UHF Satellite Communications/Line of Sight
AN/PSG-3 Portable Display Terminal
AN/PSG-5 Handheld Fire Support Team Device (Fist)
AN/SAR-7 Ship Infrared Viewing Set
AN/SAR-8 Ship Infrared Search and Tracking Device (IRSTD)
AN/SGC-11 Ship Teletype
AN/SLA-10 (B) Ship Video Mixer/Blanker
AN/SLA-14 Ship Antenna Synchronizer
AN/SLA-15 Ship Antenna Group
AN/SLA-16 Ship General Purpose RF Amplifier
AN/SLA-17 Ship Auxiliary Deception Generator Group
AN/SLA-18 Ship Antenna Group
AN/SLA-19 Ship Antenna System
AN/SSQ-41 Ship Sonobuoy, Passive
AN/SSQ-47 Ship Sonobuoy, Active
AN/SSQ-50 Ship Command Active Sonobuoy System (CASS)
AN/SSQ-53A Ship Passive Directional Sonobuoy (DIFAR)
AN/SSQ-53B Ship Successor to SSQ-53A
AN/SSQ-57A Ship Sound Reference Sonobuoy
AN/SSQ-59 Ship (LCC) Special Purpose Set
AN/SSQ-62 Ship Directional Version of SSQ-50 (DICASS)
AN/SSQ-71 Ship Air Transportable Acoustic Communication Buoy
AN/SSQ-72 Ship (FFG, DDG, CGN) Integrated Defense System (Outboard)
AN/SSQ-74 (V) Ship/Van Van-Deployable Radar/Communication Simulators
AN/SSQ-80 (V) Ship Electronic Warfare Support Measure System
AN/SSQ-85 Ship Downlink Communications Sonobuoy
AN/SSQ-85 Ship Shipboard Message Processing Set
AN/SSQ-91 (XN-1) Ship Combat Simulator Test System
AN/SSQ-93 Ship Combat Cryptologic Support Console (CCSC)
AN/SSR-1 Ship Receiving Set
AN/STC-1 Ship Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS)
AN/STC-2 Ship Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS)
AN/SYQ-6 Ship Message Processing and Distribution System
AN/SYQ-7 (V0) Ship Naval Modular Automated Communications System (NAVMACS)
AN/SYQ-8 Ship Signal Processing Set
AN/SYR-1 Ship (Terrier/Tartar) Communications Tracking Set
AN/TGC-( ) Transportable Tactical Communications Center
AN/TLQ-15 Shipdeck Shipdeck HF Communications System
AN/TLQ-17 Transportable Ground Tactical Jammer
AN/TNH-21B Transportable Recorder/Reproducer
AN/TPN-22 Transportable Radar Set
AN/TPN-30 Transportable Transmitting Set
AN/TPQ-10 Transportable Precision Course Direction System
AN/TPQ-36 Electronically-Scanning Mortar Locating Radar
AN/TPQ-39 G/H Band Digital Instrumentation Radar
AN/TPS-32 Automatic Three-Dimensional Tactical Long-Range Surveillance Radar
AN/TPS-59 Three-Dimensional Tactical Radar
AN/TPS-59 Transportable Radar Set
AN/TPS-63 Tactical Surveillance Radar, USMC
AN/TPS-63A Transportable Radar Set
AN/TPS-65 Tactical Surveillance Radar
AN/TPS-65 Transportable Radar Set
AN/TPS-71 (XN-1) Transportable Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar (ROTHR)
AN/TQS-143 Transportable Anti-Submarine Warfare Operations Center (ASWOC)
AN/TRA-44 Transportable Antenna
AN/TRC-176 Transportable UHF/UHF Transmitter/Receiver (Pacer Speak)
AN/TRC-97 Transportable Tactical Troposcatter Radio
AN/TRQ-35 Transportable Tactical HF Management System (CHIRPSOUNDER)
AN/TSC-180 (V) Transportable Communications Set
AN/TSC-89 Transportable Satellite Communications Central
AN/TSC-98 Transportable Air-Ground Data Link (Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System)
AN/TSG-54A Transportable Fire Control Set
AN/TSM-161 Transportable Tow Missile Subsystem
AN/TSM-162 Transportable Dragon Missile Subsystem
AN/TSM-168 Transportable Stinger Missile Test System
AN/TSM-170 (XN-1) Transportable Electronic Equipment Facility
AN/TSQ-103A Transportable Radar Signal Monitoring Set
AN/TSQ-107 Transportable Air Traffic Control Subsystem (ATCS)
AN/TSQ-120 Transportable Air Traffic Control
AN/TSQ-129 Transportable UHF Position Location Reporting System (PLRS)
AN/TSQ-131 Transportable Special Purpose Set
AN/TSQ-54B Transportable Radio Intercept Facility
AN/TSQ-68B Transportable Translator Process Facility
AN/TSQ-80 Transportable Electronic Countermeasures System (POSSUM)
AN/TSQ-88 Transportable Light Signal Monitoring Facility
AN/TSQ-90 Transportable Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing and Evaluation System "Missile Minder" System
AN/TTC-42 (XN-1) (V) Transportable Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS) (TRI-TAC)
AN/TTC-43 Transportable Telephone Switchboard
AN/TXQ-3 Transportable Remote Radar Relay Terminal
AN/TYC-15 Transportable Communications Collection Outstation
AN/TYQ-1 Transportable Air-Ground Data Link
AN/TYQ-23 Transportable Air Ground Data Link
AN/TYQ-3A Transportable tactical Data Command Center
AN/UAS-5 General Infrared Recorder
AN/UCA-2 General Fleet Satellite Communication System Modem
AN/UCC-1D (V) General Communications Carrier Set
AN/UGC-123 General Teletype
AN/UGC-129 General Teletype
AN/UGC-136BX General Military Message Terminal
AN/UGC-143 (V) General Teletype
AN/UGC-48 General Teletype
AN/ULQ-13 (V) General Countermeasure Signal Simulator
AN/ULQ-16 Vehicles Pulse Analyzer (Trailblazer)
AN/ULQ-18 (XN-1) (V) General Countermeasures Set
AN/ULQ-5 General Countermeasures Set
AN/ULQ-6C General Buoy Countermeasures Set
AN/ULQ-81 General Over-the-Horizon Targeting (Outlaw Shark)
AN/ULR-18 (XN-1) General Electronic Warfare Intercept System
AN/ULR-19 (XV-1) General TACAMO Intercept System
AN/UPA-59 (V) General Identification Friend or Foe Receiver
AN/UPA-598 General Decoder
AN/UPQ-3A General Air-Ground Passive Data Link (Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System)
AN/UPS-1G General Radar Set
AN/UPX-24 General Identification Friend or Foe Transmitter
AN/UQA-5 General Spectrum Analyzer (CAESAR)
AN/UQQ-2 General Surveillance Towed Array Sensor
AN/UQS-87 (XN-1) General Moving Target Tracking System
AN/UQS-88 General Flag Data Display System (FDDS)
AN/URA-38A General Antenna Coupler Group
AN/URC-106 General 125 Watt HF Radio Set
AN/URC-109 (XN-1) General Integrated Communications Support System
AN/URC-56 Strategic Commanders Secure HF/VHF/UHF Satellite Communications Transceiver
AN/URC-77 General HF/Single Sideband Transceiver
AN/URC-80 (V) General Transceiver, Communications
AN/URC-85 General UHF Transceiver and U-1301 Power Amplifier
AN/URC-87 General HF/Single Sideband Transceiver (Patrolfone)
AN/URC-88 Submarine HF Transceiver (Link 11)
AN/URC-94 General HF/Single Sideband FM Transceiver
AN/URC-96 General 125 Watt HF Transceiver
AN/URC-97 General HF General Purpose Radio
AN/URCX-93 (V) 1, 2 General Radio Set
AN/URD-1N (V) General Direction Finder Set
AN/URN-25 General Tacan Transponder Set
AN/URQ-10 General Crystal Oscillator
AN/URQ-13 General Special Purpose Radio Set
AN/URQ-23 General Frequency-Time Standard Set
AN/URQ-24 General Special Purpose Radio Set
AN/URQ-26 General Special Purpose Radio Set
AN/URQ-9 General Special Purpose Radio Set
AN/URR-52C General Panoramic Data Receiver
AN/URR-74 (V) General HF General Purpose Receiver
AN/URT-17 General HF General Purpose Transmitter
AN/URT-23D General HF General Purpose Transmitter
AN/URT-24 General Radio Transmitting Set
AN/URT-30A General HF General Purpose Transmitter
AN/URT-37 (V) General HF General Purpose Transmitter
AN/URT-39 General HF General Purpose Transmitter
AN/USC-13 General VLF Radio Set
AN/USC-14 General VLF Communications Central
AN/USC-2 General UHF Data Link
AN/USC-26 General Data Modem
AN/USC-29 General Special Communications Set
AN/USC-30 General UHF General Purpose Radio
AN/USC-32 General Digital Data Set
AN/USC-34 General Link 11 System Terminal
AN/USC-35 General Link 11 Digital Data System
AN/USC-37 General Communications Terminal
AN/USC-38 (XN-1) (V) General System Control Terminal
AN/USC-43 (XN-1) (V) General Communications Set
AN/USC-5 General VLF Radio Set
AN/USH-22 General Recorder Set
AN/USH-23 General Recorder Set
AN/USH-26 (V) General Recorder Reproducer
AN/USH-31 (V) 3, 5 General Digital Recorder/Reproducer
AN/USH-31 (V) General Analog Recorder/Reproducer
AN/USQ-36 General Special Purpose Set
AN/UYK-28 General General Computer
AN/UYK-3 General Computer
AN/UYK-69 General Data Processing Set
AN/UYK-70 General Data Processing Set
AN/UYK-72 General Data Processing Set
AN/UYK-74 General Data Processing Set
AN/UYS-1 General Standard Signal Processor
AN/UYS-2 General Enhanced Modular Signal Processor (EMSP)
AN/VRC-80 Vehicle HF Radio
AN/VRC-82 Vehicle Radio Set
AN/VRC-85 Vehicle Radio Set
AN/VRC-87 Vehicle VHF Short-Range Radio (SINCGARS)
AN/VRC-88 Vehicle Dismountable VHF Short-Range Radio (SINCGARS)
AN/VRC-89 Vehicle VHF Short/Long-Range Radio (SINCGARS)
AN/VRC-90 Vehicle VHF Short/Long-Range Radio (SINCGARS)
AN/VRC-91 Vehicle Dismountable VHF Short-Range Radio (SINCGARS)
AN/VRC-92 Vehicle VHF Dual Long-Range Radio (SINCGARS)
AN/VSC-7 Vehicle UHF Satellite Communications-Line of Sight Transceiver
AN/WLA-28 Ship/Submarine Electronic Countermeasures Radio Frequency Amplifier
AN/WLM-6 Ship/Submarine Test Set
AN/WLQ-4 (V) Submarine Sea Nymph Skeleton System
AN/WLR-10 (V) Ship/Submarine Countermeasures Receiving Set
AN/WLR-11 Ship/Submarine Instantaneous Frequency Monitor Receiver
AN/WLR-12 Ship/Submarine Acoustic Intelligence Receiver
AN/WLR-13 Ship/Submarine Electro-Optical Electronic Support Measures System
AN/WLR-14 (V) Submarine Seascout
AN/WLR-15 Ship/Submarine Electronic Support Measures Receiver
AN/WLR-16 Submarine Electronic Support Measures System (Phoenix)
AN/WLR-18 Ship/Submarine Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
AN/WLR-1H Ship/Submarine Electronic Support Measures System for Carriers
AN/WLR-2 Ship/Submarine Electronic Support Measures System for Submarines
AN/WLR-3 Ship/Submarine Electronic Support Measures System for Submarines
AN/WLR-4 Ship/Submarine Electronic Support Measures Receiver
AN/WLR-5 Ship/Submarine Acoustic Intelligence Receiver
AN/WLR-6 (V) Ship/Submarine Countermeasures Receiving Set
AN/WLR-7 Ship/Submarine Receiver System
AN/WLR-8 (V) Ship/Submarine Electronic Support Measures Receiver
AN/WLR-9 Ship/Submarine Acoustic Intelligence Receiver
AN/WQC-2A Ship/Submarine Sonar Underwater Communications Set
AN/WRC-501 Ship/Submarine UHF Transceiver
AN/WRR-( ) Ship/Submarine Electronic Countermeasures Receiver
AN/WRR-7A Ship/Submarine Digital Data Receiver
AN/WSC-3 (V) Ship/Submarine Fleet Satellite Communications System Transceiver Terminal
AN/WSC-3 Ship/Submarine UHF Satellite Terminal
AN/WSC-5 Ship/Submarine Satellite Communications Set
AN/WSC-6 Ship/Submarine SHF Satellite Communications Transceiver Terminal
AN/WSC-6 Ship/Submarine SHF Satellite Terminal
AN/WSQ-7 Ship/Submarine/P-3C SHF/EHF Advanced Communications Radio (SEACOM)
AN/WYQ- ( ) Submarine Replacement for WLR-6
AN/WYQ-1 Ship/Submarine Special Purpose Computer Set
AN/WYQ-2 Ship/Submarine Radar Identification Processor

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