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AN/USQ-90(V)2 Position Location Reporting System Shipboard Master Station

The Position Location Reporting System (PLRS) AN/USQ-90 is an automated tactical data system that provides accurate, timely, three-dimensional position location, navigation and identification information to the PLRS-equipped units under all conditions of weather and visibility. The AN/USQ-90 is a secure, jam-resistant system with built-in methods of limiting access on a need-to-know basis and for minimizing possible system compromise. The AN/USQ-90 receives data from lightweight manpack, landing craft, airborne, and vehicle-mounted radio sets called "user units" and converts the data to a graphic-display presentation of individual unit location and identification. The AN/USQ-90 provides the landing force command with the capability to accurately monitor landing force operation until facilities and equipment ashore can support command and control requirements. The PLRS data is provided to all authorized PLRS users on request via PLRS user units. The user units are provided to selected units down to infantry platoons, landing craft and individual aircraft.

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