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AN/UMK-3(V)2 Tactical Environmental Support System /
Shipboard Meteorological and Oceanographic Observing System

The Tactical Environmental Support System/Shipboard Meteorological and Oceanographic Observing System (TESS/SMOOS) AN/UMK-3 is an automated information system that provides a full spectrum of meteorology and oceanography (METOC) and tactical information to support all naval warfare missions. The AN/UMK-3 consists of two elements: TESS and SMOOS.

The Tactical Environmental Support System [TESS] provides, to tactical commanders, timely METOC data and information to more effectively exploit the atmospheric and oceanographic effects on fleet sensor and weapon systems for all operational scenarios. The TESS accomplishes this by assessing and predicting performance of sensor and weapon systems as influenced by natural conditions, providing on-scene data for use in the exercise of command and control, and displaying and disseminating the results of the processed information.

The Shipboard Meteorological and Oceanographic Observing System [SMOOS] is a suite of sensors, interface and display devices that automatically measure METOC parameters (e.g. temperature, cloud height etc.) and transmit the data to the TESS computer. The information is integrated into the TESS database where it supplies own ship observations for tactical applications.

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