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AN/SLA-10B Blanker-Video Mixer Group

The Blanker-Video Mixer Group AN/SLA-10B is a digital pulse-delay and pulse-width generator that generates time/blanking gates (a.k.a., composite blanking triggers) for shipboard ESM/ECM receiver systems during onboard RF emissions. The AN/SLA-10B receives blanking pulses from selected RF emitters for the generation of composite blanking triggers. These composite blanking triggers are sent to EW equipment to disable receivers during the transmission period of each particular RF transmitter. The composite blanking triggers are generated through the use of a predetermined program, which is able to be modified (via the blanking disable control) to inhibit the blanking action for selected RF emitters. Blanking triggers are used to generate the appropriate band blanking trigger in the AN/SLA-10B for further routing to blank the AN/SLQ-32A receiver when the AN/SPQ-9B, AN/SPS-73, AN/USG-2 or other transmitters are radiating.

Bit control is generated by the AN/SLQ-32 as an end-around-testing method of the AN/SLQ-32 to AN/SLA-10 interface system. In response to the reception of the bit control signal, the AN/SLA-10 will generate the appropriate band blanking trigger(s) for return to the AN/SLQ-32. The AN/SLQ-32 then ensures that the proper blanking triggers were in fact generated by the AN/SLA-10. Blanking triggers are used to inhibit portions of the AN/SLQ-32 receive function eliminating the possibility of receiver interference between ownship-generated RF energy and other signals being received.

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