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AN/BSY-1 Integrated ASW combat system

The AN/BSY-1 Integrated ASW combat system is deployed on on SSN 637 and SSN 688 class submarines. It is required to track targets, platforms, and weapons. The combat control subsystem provides setting and control of weapons and mines, targeting, combat systems management, and piloting and navigation functions. It includes the weapon launch equipment to support horizontal tubes and own ship data displays.

The AN/BSY-1 ECP 1000, the AN/BQQ-5 Medium Frequency Active Improvement program and Improved Control Display Console Obsolete Equipment Replacement have been modified to become the basis of the Acoustics Rapid Commercial Off The Shelf Insertion (A-RCI) program. A-RCI is a multi-phased, evolutionary development effort geared toward addressing Acoustic Superiority issues through the rapid introduction of interim development products applicable to SSN 688, 688I Flight, and SSBN 726 Class Submarines. A-RCI Phases I and II introduce towed array processing improvements; A-RCI Phase III introduces spherical array processing improvements.

The AN/BSY-1 High Frequency Upgrade is a stand-alone program which will be introduced as A-RCI Phase IV for SSN 688I only. Towed systems development efforts will focus on tow cable improvements for shallow water towing in littoral environments; hydrophone and telemetry cost and risk reduction initiatives; (c) mechanical endurance improvements; sonar standardization; (e) OA-9070 handling system reliability enhancements; and TB-29 () towed array development.

There are three versions of Combat Control System [CCS]: CCS Mk 1, BSY-1, and CCS Mk 2. The latest upgrade to CCS Mk 1 and BSY-1 is Program C4.2V2A, which provides Sturgeon (SSN-637)- and Los Angeles (SSN-688 and 688I)-class submarines with an upgraded shallow water variant of the Mk 48 ADCAP torpedo. Additional capabilities are Tomahawk Block III, an interface to Acoustics Rapid COTS (A-RCI) upgrades, and an interface to the Global Command and Control System- Maritime (GCCS-M), formerly called the Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS).

CCS Mk 2 Block 1 is a phased development program that provides significant warfighting improvements to SSN-688, SSN-688I, and SSBN-726 class submarines. The first phase, Block 1A/B, provided shallow-water ADCAP torpedo capability as well as interfaces to GCCS-M and the Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System (ATWCS). Both GCCS-M and ATWCS are Government Off-The-Shelf products developed by other Navy program offices (see separate program summaries). CCS MK2 Block 1C, planned for fleet introduction at the end of FY 1999, forms the basis of a common Integrated Development Plan (IDP) between SSN-688, SSN-688I, and the Virginia (SSN-774) classes of submarines. This common IDP will ultimately incorporate common Tactical Tomahawk, Improved Submarine-Launched Mobile Mine (ISLMM), and improved ADCAP capabilities across all submarine platforms, as well as updates to GCCS-M and ATWCS.

Program C4.2V2A installations have begun and are expected to complete in FY 1999 for all CCS Mk 1 and AN/BSY-1 systems. CCS Mk 2 Block 1A/B successfully completed two dockside installations and Operational Evaluation in the third quarter of FY 1997. The next upgrade to CCS Mk 1, BSY-1, and CCS Mk 2 Block 1A/B will be CCS MK 2 Block 1C. CCS Mk 2 Block 1C Milestone II was completed in the third quarter FY 1996. Planned installations to support development and operational testing are on schedule for FY 2000.

Developer/Manufacturer: CCS Mk 1 and BSY-1 C4.2V2A: In-Service Engineering Agent, Naval Underwater Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport, Rhode Island. CCS Mk 2 Block 1C: Raytheon, Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

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