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AR-5 Vulcan

The Vulcan class repair ship was capable of providing battle damage repair, maintenance and logistics support to ships assigned, at anchor or moored to a pier, in a wartime environment. These older ships are all of World War II vintage. They were funded under 1939 and 1940 shipbuilding programs spearheaded by Congressman Carl Vinson. These ships could simultaneously repair a large number of ship systems and subsystems and can be forward deployed in time of conflict.

In 1978 USS Vulcan (AR-5) became the first US Navy ship on which women were deployed (with the exception of nurses on hospital ships). The action was in accord with Navy-sponsored changes to legislation governing the assignment of women contained in the recently enacted Fiscal Year 1979 Defense Authorization Bill. The action was also in accordance with the applicable judicial decision.

USS Jason (AR 8), at age 50, the oldest ship in active commissioned service in the Navy, returned to San Diego 28 October 1994, after completing her last deployment. On this last deployment, USS Jason returned to the Pacific where she began active service during World War II. The deployment saw the ship providing fleet support in Sasebo, Japan; Singapore; and Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates. The ship continued to provide fleet repair services in San Diego until her decommissioning 24 June 1995.

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