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Attack transports

Note: APA-33 through APA-56 were originally designated AP-78 through AP-101, respectively. None of these ships had any service as APs.

No. Name Builder Comm Decomm Notes
Miscellaneous, no class
APA-1 Doyen19431946originally AP-2,
APA-4 McCawley19401943originally AP-10,
APA-5 Barnett19401946originally AP-11,
APA-7 Fuller19411946originally AP-14,
APA-8 William P. Biddle19411946 originally AP-15,
APA-11 Feland19431964originally AP-18,
APA-22 Joseph Hewes19421942 originally AP-50.
APA # not used
APA-23 John Penn19421943 originally AP-51
APA-24 Edward Rutledge19421942 originally AP-52.
APA # not used
(No #) Leedstown19421942AP-73 -- probably would have become an APA if she had not been lost
8600-ton? Windsor class?
APA-92 Alpine19431946C3-S-A2
16,100 ton
21,900 ton President class
APA-2 Harris19401948originally AP-8
APA-3 Zeilin19421948originally AP-9
APA-9 Neville19411946originally AP-16
APA-10 Harry Lee19401948 originally AP-17
APA-12 Leonard Wood19411946originally AP-25
APA-13 Joseph T. Dickman19411946 originally AP-26
APA-14 Hunter Liggett19411946originally AP-27
APA-15 Henry T. Allen19411946 originally AP-30;
later AG-90
APA-16 J. Franklin Bell19411946 originally AP-34
APA-17 American Legion19411946 originally AP-35
7,630-ton Heywood class
APA-6 Heywood19401946originally AP-12
(No #)George F. Elliot19411942(AP-13 -- would have become an APA if she had not been lost
16,000-ton President Jackson class
APA-18 President Jackson19421973 originally AP-37
APA-19 President Adams19411974 originally AP-38
APA-20 President Hayes19411973 originally AP-39
APA-29 Thomas Stone19421945 originally AP-59
APA-30 Thomas Jefferson19421973 originally AP-60
14,247-ton Crescent City Class Transport
APA-21 Crescent City19411948originally AP-40
APA-28 Charles Carroll19421977 originally AP-58
APA-31 Monrovia19421969 originally AP-64
APA-32 Calvert19421977 originally AP-65
16,480-ton Arthur Middleton Class Transport
APA-25 Arthur Middleton19421973 originally AP-55
APA-26 Samuel Chase19421973 originally AP-56
APA-27 George Clymer19421968 originally AP-57
13,910-ton Ormsby Class Transport
APA-49 Ormsby19431947
APA-50 Pierce19431947
APA-51 Sheridan19431947
13,910-ton Sumter Class Transport
APA-52 Sumter19431947
APA-53 Warren19431946
APA-54 Wayne19431947
APA-94 Baxter19431946
7,000 ton Frederick Funston Class Transport
APA-89 Frederick Funston19431969 originally AP-48,
later T-AP-178
APA-90James O'Hara19431968originally AP-49,
later T-AP-179

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