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MK 60 Encapsulated Torpedo (CAPTOR)

Primary Function Air and ship-launched lightweight torpedo
Contractor Alliant Techsystems
Power Plant Two-speed, reciprocating external combustion;
Mono-propellant (Otto fuel II) fueled
Length 102.36 in. tube launch configuration (from ship) 145 inches (368 centimeters) - Aircraft / Ship laid
132 inches (335 centimeters) Submarine laid
Diameter 12.75 inches
21 inches (53 centimeters) Aircraft / Ship laid
21 inches (53 centimeters) Submarine laid
Weight 517.65 lbs (warshot configuration)
2370 pounds (1077 kilograms) Air / Ship laid
2056 pounds (935 kilograms) Submarine laid
Range 8,000 yards
Depth Greater than 1,200 ft (365.76 meters)
Officially: "Up to 3000 feet (914 meters)"
Speed Greater than 28 knots (32.2 mph, 51.52 kph)
Detection System Reliable acoustic path (RAP) sound propagation
Guidance System Homing mode - Active or passive/active acoustic homing
Launch/search mode - Snake or circle search
Warhead 98 lbs. of PBXN-103 high explosive (bulk charge)
Date Deployed 1979

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