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Mark 211 .50-caliber Multipurpose Ammunition

The XM107 .50-caliber sniper rifle is capable of firing the entire family of .50-caliber ammunition, other than the SLAP round. It is specifically tailored to the Mark 211 (Mk211) .50-caliber multipurpose anti-materiel round. The Raufoss Multipurpose (armor-piercing, explosive, incendiary) Ammunition is the crown jewel of .50 caliber sniper ammunition. This multi-purpose round was developed by the Norwegian company Nordic Ammunition Company (NAMMO) Raufoss AS. It is manufactured under license by several American companies, including Winchester. It is said to be the most popular round with US military snipers, it was used to good effect by US forces in the 1991 Gulf War.

The round combines armor-piercing, explosive, and incendiary effects and uses a highly effective pyrotechnically initiated fuze that delays detonation of the main projectile charge until after initial target penetration-moving projectile fragmentation and damage effect inside the target for maximum anti-personnel and fire start effect. While the round can be used in sniper rifles similar to the Barrett M82A1/XM107, it has the equivalent firing power of a 20 mm projectile to include such targets as helicopters, aircraft, light armour vehicles, ships and light fortifications, and can ignite JP4 and JP8 military jet fuel.

The unique Multipurpose Concept (MP) as developed by Raufoss has been applied in a wide range of products due to its recognised high performance and excellent safety characteristics. The MP concept provides cost-effective ammunition against a wide range of targets such as aircraft, helicopters, ships, trucks, and light to medium armoured vehicles and building structures. The MP design excludes the use of a mechanical fuze, which has been replaced by a pyrotechnical ignition train providing delayed action in the target, penetration, fragmentation and incendiary effects.

The MP concept has been used with great success to develop a unique 12.7 mm MP ammunition which has strongly contributed to enhance the 12.7 mm weapon system. The optimised ballistic shape of Low Drag Multipurpose projectiles has significantly reduced time of flight, improved hit probability against fast moving targets and improved terminal effects.

For the Multipurpose projectile to be effective against a wide range of targets it must have different kill mechanisms. It has been designed to have armour penetration capabilities and delayed action is built into the projectile. Terminal effect like blast, fragments and incendiary will, because of the delay, be delivered inside the target. The fragmentation process of the Multipurpose projectile will produce heavy fragments with deep penetration capabilities in material type targets.

The standard design of Multipurpose ammunition (20 - 40 mm) consist of an aluminium nose cap press filled with an incendiary charge on top of the shell body (heat treated steel) which again is press filled with a HE charge and an incendiary charge. The projectile can also be equipped with a tracer and a self-destruct element.

The 12.7 mm Multipurpose projectile differs from the standard design by using a tungsten carbide hardcore to increase penetration capabilities and being encased in a copper jacket. Since Multipurpose ammunition is a fuse-less design and do not have any sensitive primary high explosive components (only secondary high explosive) it does not have the safety risk associated with fused projectiles and does not produce dangerous duds.

Functioning of the Multipurpose projectile is obtained by hitting the target (light or heavy) inducing a fast deformation of the nose cap which is press filled with the incendiary charge. Upon reaching the ignition criteria for the incendiary charge the charge will start burning and subsequently ignite the HE charge resulting in the fragmentation of the shell body. Sensitivity is dependent on the deformation speed of the nose cap and the high speed associated with a projectile travelling down the trajectory is needed to obtain the necessary sensitivity.

Performance Data
MP NM140
MP-T NM160
AP-S NM173
11 mm Armour in 45 at 1000 m
11 mm Armour in 45 at 1000 m
11 mm Armour in 30 NATO at 1500 m
Approx. 20 effective fragments after hitting 2 mm Dural
Approx. 20 effective fragments after hitting 2 mm Dural
Incendiary effect
Ignition of JP4 and JP8 ammunition
Ignition of JP4 and JP8 ammunition
Accuracy Grade A
At 550 m (Mean radius)
< 15 cm
< 25 cm
< 15 cm
Red tracer 50 – 1500 m
All types are safe in transport, storage and handling. Drop test from 15 m with safe firing after drop. Comply with requirements in NATO standards and Stanag for 12.7 mm.
12.7 mm x 99 MP NM140 (US nom. Mk211 Mod 0)
12.7 mm x 99 MP-T NM160
12.7 mm x 99 AP-S NM173
Cartridge length:
138.43 max
Projectile diameter:
Projectile weight:
43-47 g
Muzzle velocity:
Approx. 915 m/s (Browning M2)

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