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12-Gauge Cartridges

The 12-gauge shotgun is usable by military forces in protection of key facilities, security, or crowd control. Field commanders and soldiers will have effective non-lethal capability increasing flexibility in the application of force during military operations.

The M1012 and M1013 Cartridges are non-lethal, low-hazard, non-shrapnel producing devices fired from a 12 gauge shot gun. They are designed to inflict less than lethal trauma. They are intended to confuse, disorient and distract a person(s) who may be a potential threat to friendly force personnel. These devices are usable by military forces in protection of key facilities, security or crowd control. Field commanders and soldiers will have effective non-lethal capability thereby increasing flexibility in the application of force during military operations.

Non-lethal ammunition can be identified by GREEN color and is clearly marked as "non-lethal". The M1012 and M1013 can be lethal if improperly used. There is a potential hazardous effect out to (75.7 meters) 250 feet for the M1012 cartridge and out to (37.9 meters) 125 feet for the M1013 cartridges.

Both cartridges will be fired from standard military 12-gauge shotguns. The Winchester Model 1200 is a manually operated, repeating shotgun of the slide action, hammerless and takedown type, with a 20" barrel. It has a capacity of five rounds, one (1) in the chamber, and four (4) 2.3" shells in the magazine. The Mossberg 500 is manually operated, slide action, internal hammer, 12-gauge riot-type shotguns with a 17 / 20" barrel. They are Type II-Class I (takedown receiver) shotgun. The total chamber and magazine of six- (6) 2-3/ 4" (7.0 cm.) shells and five- (5) 3" (7.6 cm.) magnum shells. While there has been a few gauges of shotguns since there beginning, the field of choices for gauge are now today narrowed down to 10ga. 12ga. 16ga. 20ga. 28ga. and .410cal. if the 410 were an actual gauge it would be 67 gauge.

 Shotgun Bore Diameter
10-Gauge = Bore Diameter of .775 inches
12-Gauge = Bore Diameter of .729 inches
16-Gauge = Bore Diameter of .662 inches
20-Gauge = Bore Diameter of .615 inches
28-Gauge = Bore Diameter of .550 inches
67-Gauge = Bore Diameter of .410 inches

 Shotgun Chamber Length
10-Gauge = Chamber Length of 2.875 inches - 3.500 inches
12-Gauge = Chamber Length of 2.750 inches - 3.500 inches
16-Gauge = Chamber Length of 2.750 inches
20-Gauge = Chamber Length of 2.750 inches - 3.000 inches
28-Gauge = Chamber Length of 2.875 inches
67-Gauge/.410 = Chamber Length of 3.000 inches

Buckshot has either a few large pellets or a bunch of smaller pellets. The smaller pellets have a better chance of scoring a hit due to the sheer number of pellets, but the severity of the wound won't be as great as a hit from a larger pellet. The standard buckshot is worthless against armored targets except for taking out the legs and arms, hoping for enough wounds to cause incapacitation.

000 Buck - 8 lead pellets (0.36")
00 Buck - 9 lead pellets (0.33")
0 Buck  - 12 lead pellets (0.32")
1 Buck - 16 lead pellets (0.30")
4 Buck - 27 lead pellets (0.24")
QB 8 - 8 pellets (Armor Piercing) - Quadrangle Buck is made from a steel cylinder cut into two layers of four pie-shaped pieces per layer. The numerous sharp edges gives excellent penetration; however, the light weight and poor ballistic shape limits its effective range. The Quadrangle Slug (12 gauge shotgun only) is a revolutionary slug designed as a nonexplosive fragmenting munition intended specifically as an anti-vehicle or anti-material slug. It is capable of disabling automobiles, light aircraft, and marine vessels. This is due to eight pie-shaped hardened steel pellets wrapped in a cylindrical plastic boot (to protect the bore of the shotgun).
Flechettes - 32 flechettes (Armor Piercing) - Flechettes are essentially small steel nails with tiny fins swaged into the rear.
Slug - Slugs will pretty well flatten any target, armored or not; however, the issue of over penetration will determine whether you want to take the solid or the hollow-point slug.
Slug HP - Hollow-point slugs. Less penetration than regular slugs.
Baton - Rubber batons. Used for training.


  • Two different cartridges, one provides capability of temporarily incapacitating point target and the other provides capability of controlling a crowd
  • Non Lethal Capability at Approximately 10-70 FT
  • For Close quarter engagement 10-70 FT
  • Complements 5.56 MM Non lethal and 40MM Non lethal


  • Defeat Door Lock Mechanisms, Hinges and Pad Locks on Wooden Doors
  • Reduce Risk of Noncombatant Injuries, Ricochets and Fratricide

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