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The M-Gator is a multi-purpose vehicle used primarily for casualty evacuation and supply. The 101st used the M-Gator with great success in Afghanistan.

The newly modeled M-Gator is basically a military golf cart. It's a six-wheeled topless vehicle able to go through all types of terrain. It stands about three feet off the ground and is much more mobile than a HMMWV. The two-seated vehicle is capable of hauling up to 1,400 pounds of equipment in two cargo trays. The smaller equipment tray on the hood holds about two cubic feet in volume compared to the 14 cubic feet of the rear tray. The 18-horsepower M-Gator runs on diesel fuel and can reach a speed of 17 miles per hour. It can be sling loaded by a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. The M-Gator can be used for casualty evacuations, laying communication lines, message transportation and many other uses.

Military Gators® are airdrop certified. When the mission calls for a utility vehicle to be inserted by helicopter in the most direct manner, carrying the Gator® as an external sling load is the time-tested method (see photo on left). When the mission is to do an environmental survey, testing for chemical or biological agents, then transporting the Gator®, the slip-on decontamination unit, and all the equipment to do the survey is most effectively done with the Heli-Basket. The Heli-Basket is a basket and everything needed is transported together as a single external load.

By special arrangement with The John Deere Company, PLI can supply two versions of the Military Gator® Utility Vehicle for the Reconn-Decon Module. Military Gators are designed exclusively for military organizations.

An 18 hp, overhead valve, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine provides power with improved fuel economy and burns either diesel or JP8 fuel. The continuously variable transmission eliminates shifting. The Gator travels at speeds from 0 to 18 mph. Other features include keyless ignition, an anti-theft security cable, a multiposition heavy-duty cargo box with fold-down sides, tailgate, and power lift. Also, there is an hourmeter, an M16-compatible rifle clip, a front brushguard and bumper, and a government-spec heavy-duty pintle hitch. The vehicle meets or exceeds civilian commercial equipment hillside stability and braking accreditation for ANSI and SAE. It has an Army Safety Release and an Army Ammunition Transportation Safety Release.

The utility vehicle developed for Civil Support Teams has the following modifications to the vehicle described above. The seats have removable backs and can be adjusted so that they can be used by personnel in protective clothing equipped with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). A rack on the back holds 5 extra air tanks. The large rear view mirror increases the field of view for a driver encumbered by a protective hood. There is a 2500 lb. winch on the front. A 12 volt power outlet can be used for a spot light and other equipment. 4 outlets supplying 24 volts can be used for analytical equipment, such as HAPSITE, which can be carried under the litter in front. The cargo box in the back can carry either the Chemical Response Kit or the Biological Sampling Kit. Rubber fenders and bed liner are easily removed for decontamination.


  • Length 108 inches
  • Width 60 inches
  • Weight (including fuel) 1450 lbs
  • Maximum cargo load 1250 lbs
  • Can transport 5 persons: driver, passenger, 2 injured in cargo box, 1 in front litter
  • Six wide tires distribute the load (only 8 psi ground pressure when fully loaded) and permit this vehicle to travel over soft ground

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