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The system is a airborne multi-band system designed for application on a broad range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. It is based on the multi-band, multi-function radio needs and provides the military VHF and UHF capability required for air defense and close air support.

The AN/ARC-232 (V) 467/468 is a 30 to 400 MHz UHF/VHF multiband LOS system and is a form-fit replacement for the AN/ARC-164. Features include: VHF/AM/FM, VHF maritime, UHF/AM/FM; SATURN; Have-Quick I/II ECCM; MIL-STD-1533 compatibility; and a panel or remote mount configuration. Options include SINCGARS, 8.33 kHz channel spacing and TDMA in VHF/AM for the FAA. Ancillary components available include the C-12623 and C-12624 NVIS radio set controls.

It has a frequency range of 30-400 MHz and a channel bandwidth of 8.33kHz and 25 kHz.

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