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UC-35B Cessna Encore

The differences between the CE-560 "Ultra" or UC-35A and the "Encore" / UC-35B are significant. Cessna created a new airplane by taking all the feed back and recommendations from citation pilots, maintenance personnel and passengers world-wide. The aircraft is packed with new equipment to make the pilot's job easier and passengers ride more comfortable.

The UC-35B is larger than the UC-35A. The most significant dimension change is the wingspan of 54.1 feet, an addition of approximately two feet, which can be easily seen from the cockpit while taxing. Additionally the distance to the top of the rudder is 15.23 feet, an addition of approximately two to three inches. The new Pratt & Whitney, PW 535A, turbofan engines each weigh 699 lbs. compared the A's, 630 lbs. The 535A engine produces 3400 lbs. thrust each with a new bypass ratio of 2.55 to 1. The improvements over the UC-35A's JT15D-5D engines include an increase of nearly 12-percent increase in takeoff thrust, eight percent boost in high altitude cruise thrust, 12.9 dB quieter on takeoff and burning up to 10 percent less fuel enroute. The engines are up to 16 percent more fuel efficient, in part due to the improved fan aerodynamics. The engine size difference can easily be seen visually on preflight. The increase of 355 lbs. of thrust per engine can also be felt on the takeoff roll.

With the basic empty weight or operating weight very similar to that of the A model, pilots will see an increase in payload capability when comparing full fuel loads and the new zero fuel weight restriction. Actual performance for the UC-35B has decreased due to the larger engines. This is due to more thrust, an increase in thrust increases Vmcg (minimum control ground) speeds, thus increasing all the takeoff V speeds. More thrust also results in higher nose-down pitch forces at rotation, thus slowing the rotation pitch rate. The new landing gear axles are positioned farther aft, closer to the horizontal stabilizer. This reduces the length of the lever arm from the elevator to axle pivot point, thus increasing the pitch force and decreasing the rotation rate on takeoff. The result is the UC-35B's having up to 10 to 31 percent longer takeoff field lengths than the UC-35A.

On September 28, 2000 Cessna Aircraft Co., Wichita, Kan., was awarded a $10,246,380 modification to firm-fixed-price contract DAAJ09-96-D-0009, for two UC-35B aircraft, with pilot training. Work was performed in Wichita, Kan., and was expected to be completed by Nov. 30, 2001. The US Army picked up the first UC-35B (Cessna Encore) in early January 2001. On January 25, 2001 Cessna Aircraft, Wichita, Kan., was awarded a $14,741,954 firm-fixed-price contract for two UC-35B aircraft, with pilot training. Work was expected to be completed by Feb. 28, 2002.

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