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TG-3A (Schweizer 1-26)

The TG-3A (Schweizer 1-26) is a single-seat, medium performance sailplane used for cross-country and spin training. The TG-3A allows students to master basic flight maneuvers while solo before progressing from the TG-4A basic trainer to the more advanced TG-9A sailplane.

The TG-3A features spoilers and a mid-wing configuration. Equipment includes basic flight instrumentation, an M-NAV soaring flight computer, and an oxygen system complete with intercom for high-altitude flights.

The TG-3A is manufactured by the Schweizer Aircraft Corp. at Elmira, New York. The USAF Academy has been flying this type of aircraft since the 1960's when only a soaring "club" existed. The first SGS 1-26 was flown on 16 January 1954 by Paul Schweizer. A total of 700 SGS 1-26 aircraft were produced.

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