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SB-3614(V)/TT Automatic Telephone Switchboard

The SB-3614(V)/TT is a tactical 30-line analog switchboard which can provide a variety of 2, 4, and 6 wire circuits. Subscriber lines off the SB-3614 are 2-wire DTMF or Dial Pulse, and can support TA-838 or STU-III telephones. Trunk interfaces are 2-wire for long locals or PTT lines, 4-wire for the SB-3865 or TTC-39, and 6-wire for E&M signaling DSN via STU-5. Up to three SB-3614s can operate in a stacked configuration. The 3614 can also be operated with the SB-3865 in a hybrid stack. However, it should be noted that no more than three switchboards total of either type can be used in a hybrid stack.

A limitation of the hybrid stack is that an access code is required for dialing between the two types of switchboards. The SB-3865 database also has the capability to route only 30 subscribers to the SB-3614, including the operator position. SB-3614 subscribers can access trunks without operator assistance by dialing an assigned access code. In all cases, incoming trunk calls are answered by the switchboard operator and forwarded to the called party.

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