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RR-170 Navy 1x2 Chaff Countermeasure

The most widely-used pyrotechnic chaff is the tubular type, RR-17OA/AL, containing approximately three million dipoles. It uses the BBU-35/B impulse cartridge. In the mid-1990s approximately 2 million units per year were used by A-10, B-l, F-15, F-16, C-5, C-17, C-130, and C-141 aircraft; one-half of these are used by ACC. The RR-17OA/AL is combat chaff A new type of training chaff, RR-l88, has been developed for use by aircraft that employ RR-170. It has the D and E band dipoles removed to avoid interference with FAA radars.

The Navy 1x2 Chaff Countermeasure is a RF passive (chaff) countermeasure that provides aircraft survivability and protection against RF guided threats and tracking radars. It is intended to provide a chaff countermeasure capability for the F/A-18E/F aircraft. The Navy 1x2 Chaff Countermeasure consists of a rectangular case approximately 1x2 inches in cross section and 8.1 inches in length. The chaff decoy will be an All-Up-Round (AUR), composed of the following basic components; an integral impulse cartridge, two separate RR-170 sized chaff payloads, containing the same dipole lengths and count as the RR-170/AL, and new spider-type end caps. The chaff countermeasure will be dispensed upon command from the ALE-47 CMDS, firing one of the 1x1 sections within 15ms of receipt of the fire pulse, and firing the remaining 1x1 section within 50ms of the first section being initiated.

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