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Semi-Rigid Deployable Wing

The Semi-Rigid Deployable Wing provides a long stand-off capability which eliminates the need for delivery aircraft to fly over a defended target or to cross sensitive air borders. The system improves capabilities for early entry, peacekeeping, and humanitarian relief operations by providing increased accuracy and the capability to service many ground positions from a single, long stand-off delivery point, reducing the number of aircraft required to support some missions. The Early Entry Lethality and Survivability Battle Lab is the combat developer and proponent.

The Wing demonstrates a cargo delivery platform with longer standoff range and greater accuracy than with conventional parachute airdrop delivery systems. The Wing has a glide ratio of 10:1 at speeds from 30 to 70 knots, wind penetration, and precision delivery when coupled with an integrated guidance, navigation, and control system linked to a Global Positioning System (GPS). The structure has an internal rigid frame, enclosed in a ram-air inflated, double-surface sail, that is inflated via a single inlet at the nose of the Wing. Maneuvering is controlled by a wing warping technique using servo actuators. The project will demonstrate a wing with a 30 foot span deployed from a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet, with a 15 mile minimum stand-off, and precision delivery of up to 600 pounds within 100 meters of the target.

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