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MK 8 Bomb Shackle

Bomb Shackles are used to suspend and release mines and torpedoes weighing 100 to 1,500 pounds. The MK 8 bomb shackle is a parent rack used to carry and release weapons and stores. The shackle is equipped with two suspension lugs spaced 14 inches apart, a cocking lever, a release lever, and two fixed yokes for attachment to a pylon. During weapons or stores loading, the shackle hooks are closed manually by actuating the cocking lever, when the weapon suspension lugs are in position. Hooks are locked by allowing the spring loaded release lever to move to its full aft position. When the release lever is moved forward (either electrically by the bomb shackle release or manually), the latching lever moves down and away from its engagement with the latching block. This action allows the hook opening spring and the weight of the bomb to move the hook link assembly forward. The bomb is then released.

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