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MJU-49/B decoy device

The MJU-49/B decoy device is an IR decoy, providing aircraft survivability and protection against IR guided threats. It was designed to increase the survivability of helicopters and low/slow fixed wing aircraft. It is intended as an improvement over the performance of the MJU-27A/B decoy when used either singly or in combination with other IRCM on helicopters and low/slow fixed wing aircraft. The MJU-49/B decoy device consists of a cylindrical cartridge approximately 1.4 inches in diameter and 5.8 inches in length. The IR payload produces significant amounts of energy to decoy IR threats that operate within the 2-5 micrometer wavelength portion of the spectrum. The decoy consists of an appropriate amount of a special type of IR material which, when expelled from the sealed container, performs similarly to the MJU-27A/B decoy by generating heat through a pyrophoric process.

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