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MC1-1B Maneuverable Canopy Parachute

Depending on the jumper's total weight and relative air density, the average rates of descent are 14 to 22 feet per second . Nominal diameter is 35 feet (measured 3 feet up from the skirt) and 24.5 feet at the skirt. The anti-inversion net is sewn 18 inches down on each suspension line and is made of 3 3/4-inch square mesh, knotless, braided nylon. Combined shelf life and service life is 16.5 years; service life is 12 years, and shelf life is 4.5 years. The canopies are repacked every 120 days. The canopies are suitable for airdropping personnel from as high as 10,000 feet MSL.

The MC1-1B has an estimated 8.8-second turn rate. The bridle loop is 3 inches in diameter; it is made of Type VIII nylon with a tensile strength of 3,600 pounds. The 15 apex vent lines are 19 inches long and made of Type II nylon cord with a tensile strength of 375 pounds. The apex vent lines with centering lines keep the bridle loop in place and the canopy even during deployment. The apex vent cap has a 3-inch diameter opening, which reduces oscillation and assists in a positive opening of the canopy. The upper lateral band is 1-inch tubular nylon with a tensile strength of 4,000 pounds. It is sewn in as reinforcement, since the first 64 inches of the canopy is a high-pressure area.

Each canopy has 30 gores with five sections in each gore. Each gore is numbered 1 through 30, and each section is sewn diagonally to prevent rips and holes from spreading throughout the canopy. The 30 radial seams are 9/16 inch wide and 17 feet 2 7/32 inches long, measured from the upper lateral band to the lower lateral band.

The T-U shaped configuration has 11 gores removed (25 to 5) from the rear (100.4 square feet of canopy), which enables the canopy to turn 360 degrees in 8.8 seconds and gives a forward thrust of 8 knots (9.5 mph), or 14 feet per second. Two 28-foot-long control lines are attached to a control bridle that in turn is attached to radial seams 5 and 6. They are 6 feet long and attached to seams 25 and 26. They run down and out to the front of the rear set of risers and through the control line channel and control line guide ring. They are attached to a toggle that is a 5/8-inch diameter hardwood dowel.

The lower lateral band is a 1-inch nylon tape with a tensile strength of 525 pounds. The 15 pocket bands ensure positive opening of the canopy. The 30 V-tabs are 9/16 inch wide and are sewn over the suspension lines to the lower lateral band for reinforcement. The 30 suspension lines are Type II nylon with a tensile strength of 375 pounds. They are 25 feet 6 inches long when measured from the lower lateral band to the L-bar connector link.

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