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LAU-92 Guided Missile Launcher

The LAU-92 guided missile launcher carries and launches AIM-7 SPARROW missiles from the F-14 aircraft. The launcher is a self-contained, gas-operated, missile-ejector mechanism which is initiated by the electrical ignition of two impulse cartridges. The launcher consists of a beam subassembly, missile release subsystem, forward and aft missile ejector assemblies, breech assembly, missile motor fire switch assembly, electrical subsystem, and structural hardware. The launcher is installed in semi-recessed fuselage stations and is raised or lowered with a hoist assembly and retained in the up position by means of four hooks operated by a latch mechanism. By using the LAU-92 adapter, the launcher can also be installed on a multipurpose pylon on stations 1 and 8. A modified LAU-92 will be utilized as the ejector launcher on the F-14 aircraft to launch the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. (This modified LAU-92 may receive a new designations).

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