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LAU-117 Maverick Launcher

The MAVERICK weapon system consists of the MAVERICK guided missile with a laser or infrared seeker, LAU-117 launcher, and a launch aircraft with MAVERICK-peculiar avionics incorporated. The LAU-117 Maverick Launcher is available in three basic configurations - the (V) 1, (V)2 and (V)3 LANTIRN compatible version. This launcher has been integrated onto a number of US, including the A-4, A-6, A-7, A-10, AH-1W, AV-8, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-111, P-3, and SH-2G.

The LAU-117/A(V)2/A is a single rail-guided missile launcher developed for the MAVERICK system. It provides the mechanical and electronic interface between the missile and launch aircraft. The launcher utilizes a mechanical restraint device that was developed to meet both the Navy and Air Force requirements. It provides increased capability over previous MAVERICK launchers by incorporating seeker slaving circuitry which enhances MAVERICK's target acquisition capability. The LAU-117/A(V)2/A is delivered to the organizational level mated to the MAVERICK as a pre-loaded accessory suspension equipment combination which is then attached to the aircraft's parent bomb rack. The LAU-117/A(V)2/A may be configured for either 14- or 30-inch suspension which is determined by the aircraft's parent bomb rack.

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